American Security SF6036 Safe Review

Gun Safe Summary: The Amsec SF6036 gun safe (View on places an emphasis on protecting your guns from theft and fire. It has Mercury Class II fire protection installed in the door and container walls. This fire protection gives it a solid 60 minutes of protection in heat up to 1200 degrees. More importantly, this type of fire protection keeps the interior temperature at 350 or below. While guns are made of metal, the fragility of firing pins and springs means they can melt long before a barrel is damaged. The gun safe also includes UL RSC quality locks and protections to make the Amsec SF6036 one of the most tamper resistant gun safes in its price range. It is a larger sized gun safe than most in the entry level genre and this should be reason enough to make you consider carefully if it is the right purchase for you.

Size and where it fits: The Amsec SF6036 gun safe is standard in height, measuring 59 –inches, but its width and depth may make it an unusual fit. The gun safe has an exterior width of 36-inches and a depth of 26-inches. Add in the additional 3-inches to the depth to accommodate the spoke handle and now it needs almost 30-inches of space. The 36-inch width is the most problematic because it makes it more difficult to move this safe through regular man doors and to be able to negotiate tight hallways. The 718 lb weight and its slightly larger than average size also requires a pallet for delivery. It is not something that can be handled well using a hand truck. In weight, it is not as heavy as some entry level gun safes so it can be placed on standard supported floors. To open the door to its full 180 extent, you will need a flush area that is almost 7 feet wide. It is the clear area that is required to fully open the door that will restrict where you can place the Amsec SF6036 gun safe in a home or office, this is not a gun safe that can be tucked away in a single closet, although it will fit amply well in a double.

What it’s made of: The container and door of the Amsec SF6036 is made of 12-guage solid steel plate that is lined with Mercury II class fire protection material. All of the joints are continuously welded and there is an additional double stage silicone fire seal around the door jamb and Palusol™ seal on the door itself. It has a 4-way locking bolt system featuring 14 bolts and adjustable ball bearing hinges. It is important to note that left out of the manufacturer’s description of the hinges is whether or not the ball bearing type is classified as commercial grade. This can be an important distinction as almost all entry level gun safes are produced in China and specifications have to meet USA standards. More emphasis is placed on the choice of brass, nickel or chrome being available for the 3-point handle.

Why this Gun Safe is good: The Amsec SF6036 is bigger than most gun safes in the entry level range, which is about the good thing that it has going for it. It has Amsec’s patented PDO or premium door organizer with the no-hassle release system for two long guns included. The added width is a true bonus because it does allow for full width pistol storage. What does make this gun safe a good buy is that it has more expandable options than most other safes. These are two and four drawer systems that can redefine the interior space to accommodate jewelry and other valuables. In many ways, the Amsec SF6036 is a safe that happens to be set up to accommodate long rifles as well.

Conclusion: The Amsec SF6036 gun safe is a good multi-purpose safe that is wider than most in its class. The best way to decide if your money will be well spent on it is to read more balanced reviews of other similar class safes at our site. Once you know the plusses and minuses of each security system, it will be easier to make the right choice.