Blackhawk! Axiom R/F Stock for the Ruger 10/22 Review

The Blackhawk! Axiom R/F Stock for the Ruger 10/22 (View on combines elements of ideal weight, potential for customization, design and composition, as well as simple installation requirements to create a product that will transform any old Ruger 10/22 rifle into a new tactical weapon that looks great as well.
The body of this model is composed of a fiberglass-reinforced polymer, providing substantiality and effective support to the rifle owner. Dynamic grip, butt-stock, and storage systems perfect the light design to inspire a confident feel during shooting sessions.

What Features are Particular to this Stock?

Like other stock systems, the Blackhawk! Axiom Stock System provides its own diverse features, setting it apart from similarly produced stocks. First, a free floating barrel channel allows this system to fit all barrel diameters. Therefore, users are not limited to a specific line of 10/22 rifle barrel dimensions when considering the use of this stock system. This system also should fit the bull barrel as well.

The Blackhawk! Axiom Stock System’s grip is also good. Its unbiased and non-tilted natures make it ideal for both left and right hand shooters. The grip is ergonomic, with a pistol design and textured with non-slip material. The grip’s tilted design also increases stability and increases user control.

This model also sports multiple locations for the dynamic mounting of important accessories. There are multiple locations where slings can be mounted securely. Also, the design facilitates bi-pod and tri-pod attachment. Although no accessory rail exists on the bottom of the product, there is plenty of open space that simplifies the addition of such a rail.

The Blackhawk! Axiom Stock weighs in at a lightweight 2.4 pounds, ranking it among the lighter of common stock systems. It measures approximately 33.2 inches, by 8.2 inches, by 2.4 inches. The stock’s pull ranges from 9.75 inches, when collapsed, to a gaping 13.5 inches, when fully extended; however, including its fully extended and fully collapsed states, the butt-stock locks into six different positions, meant to suit a range of users and rifles.

Typically, rifle owners who find that the original stock on a Ruger 10/22 is too short find that this Blackhawk! model lengthens their rifle. The Blackhawk! System makes it simple to store and carry your rifle, despite the fact that it does not fold. Most people surveyed online and have found that the adjusting butt stock makes this stock simple to customize as well.

What about the install?

Little to no modification should be involved in the simple installation of any Blackhawk! Stock. It involves a mere “bolt and drop” installation. In the case that a user struggles to mount the product, or has an issue with the make or design of the product, customer service at Blackhawk! is good and readily available. Un-installation or the removal of the Blackhawk! Stock System is as simple as installation. It merely includes a reversal of the “bolt and drop” process.

Some shooters have discovered that this stock can be modified to fit some air rifle models (this is NOT based on any statements by Blackhawk!)

How will the Blackhawk! Axiom Stock System Improve My 10/22 Rifle?

Not only does the Blackhawk keep the integrity of and maintain the rugged-feel of a 10/22 rifle, its features improve precision and quality of shots that an old 10/22 will deliver. The receiver fit on the stock is designed to improve precision and is engineered to facilitate accuracy. Some online surveyed folks agree that the Blackhawk! Stock System improves overall accuracy. At a minimum, the snug fit of the Blackhawk! Stock System also helps improve stability and shooter safety when firing.

Additionally, the Blackhawk! Stock System is lighter than stock systems on many 10/22 products. Shooters will feel more agile and less fatigued after shooting. Consumers claim that the Blackhawk! Axiom Stock System for the Ruger 10/22 is among the most attractive of Blackhawk! stock systems. The tilted grip and overall body makeup of the stock system bring an organically modern, tactical look to an old weapon.

Dynamic modern weapons can be made out of aging Ruger 10/22 rifles with use of the Blackhawk! Axiom Stock System. This kit will transform the appearance of your weapon into that of a tactical assault rifle, and will improve your shooting without the cost or struggle of purchasing a brand new rifle. The stock system not only improves the “feel” of the weapon, but it increases firing accuracy, safety, and comfort. Overall this can help transform your Ruger 10/22 Rifle into one of the tactical .22 rifles out there with ease.

Let’s not forget that it looks pretty dang cool too.