Blackhawk! Heavy Duty Push Button Sling Swivel Review

If there is one thing a shooter needs more than a quality barrel and sight, it’s the sturdiness in the links between the rifle’s accessories. Without it, stability is lost, and a great shot becomes a bad one.

As is the case with all Blackhawk! products, the Heavy Duty Push Button Sling Swivel is designed and built here, in the United States. Quality and durable metal compose the insides of this sturdy, two pound sling swivel, and a Manganese Phosphate finish on the outside, protecting it from scratching or basic defiling of any sort. Blackhawk! Engineers seem to understand that efficiency and swiftness are among a shooter’s greatest concerns, they designed this sling swivel to promote easy and quick sling removal and addition.

The sling attaches to a vast majority of sling mounting points on the best 22 rifles out there.  Some rifle types attach through secure attachment to Weaver/Picatinny rails. Even mounting points on the Weaver Tactical Rail Mount Sling Adapter and 2 piece quad rail forends work in accordance with this sling swivel. The Blackhawk! Heavy Duty Push Button Sling Swivel is said by shooters to mount securely and solidly, not in any way threatening to remove itself or fall off, even in cases of strain and rough treatment. Even better, you cannot accidentally push the button for sling removal with this sling swivel. It must me a deliberate action in order for the swivel release mechanism to work.

This sling swivel is used by Smith and Wesson MP 15-22 and Mossberg Tactical 22 owners.  Shooters also find that this product works with the Blackhawk! Universal Tactical 1.25 inch Sling, produced for lightness and simplicity as well as with adjustable butt stocks by Blackhawk! and other rifle accessory companies such as Tapco. (Also commonly used with this sling swivel is the 1 point tactical bungee sling.)

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