Blackhawk! Universal Tactical 1.25 in. Sling

Oftentimes, shooters and builders yearn to find simple solutions to complex problems. Slings sometimes fit the bill as “complex problems”. Shooters typically want a sling that is simple, yet sturdy, lightweight and adjustable. Blackhawk! has struck again, bringing the 22 rifles additional convenience and quality, without hammering your pocketbook.

Bearing strength infused nylon web design, and being 1.25 inches in width, this sling is sturdy and well built. Two robust polymer “M” buckles hold it together, which ensures strong connections, ready to bear rough use. Weighing a mere 4 ounces, there is little to no way that the Blackhawk! Universal Tactical 1.25 in. will weigh you down with unwanted travel weight while in the field or on a hunting trip.

Shooters agree that the potential length of the sling, being greater than that of most models, is useful for large or “brawny” shooters. It also makes the wearing of a rifle around a vest or bulky bag simple. If it’s too long, the nylon material is easy to cut and adjust if needed. It’s comfortable and its soft feel makes maneuvering it about the body in tactical situations simple and painless. Installation is simple. It attaches to any sling mounting post or rail, including those with complex swivel systems. Oftentimes, three point designs are sturdy, but have an overbearing complexity during the install. The Blackhawk! Universal Tactical 1.25 inch Sling (View on promises the quality of a three point system, merged with the simplicity of a two point sling. Great sling for the price, and you will be hard pressed to find anything like it quality wise for what you pay. I have one on my Ruger 10/22 Carbine as well as it’s cousin, the AR-15 that’s sadly collecting some dust in my safe.