BSA 3-12×40 Sweet 17 Review

It’s about time we sat down and took a look at an optic geared specifically for the .17HMR.  We’ve looked at a lot of universal models that are great for the .223, .308, AR15’s and AR10’s.  We’ve even drilled down the specifics on some of them for the .22 rifle only.  But we haven’t looked at one for one of my favorite calibers of all time, the .17HMR.  While it’s geared for the HMR, don’t let that fool you.  The BSA 3-12×40 IR Sweet 17 scope has adjustable quick change turrets to make this model capable to handle bullets of all calibers.

While there are many shooters that have strapped this model to something other than the .17HMR, the bottom line is that the BSA Sweet 17 was engineered for it.  It comes practically zeroed in right when you pull it out of the box.  It has 17 grain turret drums geared for this caliber of bullet and there isn’t a single bad review on the optic on the internet.

It’s reliable and cheap for what you get.  For under 70.00, you get an quality optic that can be swapped out on several rifles.   The lens itself is coated and it has a slightly heavier weight at 19.4oz, but that’s due to the fact that it’s made pretty sturdily and is resistant to any type of break in the case that it gets dropped.  It also makes crisp and quick adjustments.  Bottom line is that when you need to zero in at a further distance, it’s pretty quick and painless.

The optic itself mounts up to your rifle pretty easily as a result of the turrets that come with it.  It also handles recoil well, although the .17HMR isn’t a the type of rifle that’s going to blow you back into your seat to begin with.  This particular model has been hailed for the effectiveness that it has with varmint shooting.   It’s also effective for target shooting and even gets some nods from competition shooters that shoot in this caliber range.

The recommended distance that the Sweet 17 can range out to is 100 yards.  There are many shooters that have stated that they can reach out farther than that with the settings that come with this product, right out of the box.  While there are others that you can probably find around the same cost level that run the same quality for a budget, it’s a better idea to take a rifle scope that’s recommended for your application and in this case the Sweet 17 is engineered for the HMR making it a perfect pairing.  Yes, you can probably fit a BSA Sweet 22 on the HMR, but why do that when you can have an optic that was made for this rifle and have it fit like a glove?

If you are on a budget to outfit your .17HMR, then the Sweet 17 is one of the better choices you can get for the cost.