Bushnell AR Optics 1x MP Illuminated Red/Green Review

There are many rifle scopes in the market which make it necessary for any buyer to take time and compare them before deciding on the best. Bushnell AR Optics Red/Green is among the best models available in the market that can be bought and serve hunters satisfactorily. It is made with great technology which makes it stand out of the rest in the market. Users who have tried the rifle scope have really praised its ability to serve them well. This model has several features that make it achieve great performance. The following is Bushnell AR Optics 1x MP Illuminated Red/Green Dot Scope Review:

Bushnell MP


1x Power and 32mm Objective Lens:

The rifle scope has an objective lens that is very strong. The objective lens enables the sight to achieve great images when in use. For those hunters who will like to aim with great precision and make a kill the lens is very helpful to them. The manufacturers of this model took time to design the most perfect lens which is able to meet the needs of many buyers.

Great Accuracy and Fast Target Aquisition:

For the users to achieve more, they have to have an optic with great accuracy and target acquisition. This model is made in such a way that it will help the hunters to access great precision and accuracy. This will improve the work of hunters greatly. In fact this feature has made many people prefer the rifle scope in the market.

Zoom Dot option allows zooming from 1 MOA to 10 MOA:

The ability of this scope to allow great zooming capability is also another feature which makes it a very good brand/model for anyone looking to achieve great performance when aiming with their rifles. It has an allowance where it can allow the user to achieve any zoom from 1MOA to 10MOA. This makes it cater for the needs of different hunters easily. 10MOA is a great zoom capability which will meet the needs of those who will like to achieve the highest zooming capability while trying to aim at different targets.

Amber-Bright lens coating is 100% fogproof/ waterproof/shockproof:

Even when hunting in places with a lot of fog, the fog proof feature allows the users to enjoy great performance uninhibited by moisture. There are some scopes which cannot allow a shooter to make use of them in places with water. With this scope many users are able to enjoy great performance of the riflescope even in places with a lot of moisture and fog. This makes many hunters to prefer it in areas that experience a lot of rain.

Weighs 15.6 ounces and measures 6.75 inches:

This particular optic  is light in weight which makes it very portable. This allows the users to move with it to different places easily hence making them achieve more. This means that most users can carry it the whole day but they will not feel the burden of being overloaded. This makes the scope very ideal because it is very portable and easy to drag around on long hunting or camping trips out in the field.

For a great video breakdown of this popular AR-15 optic, please check out the video details below.