Butler Creek Ruger 10/22 Folding Grip Stock Review


Ruger 10/22 rifle models, though reliable, eventually need to be updated in order to maintain constant pace with modern tactical weaponry.   By adding a stock to the original action and barrel of a 10/22 rifle, the Butler Creek Ruger 10/22 Folding, Stainless Steel Stock with Pistol Grip product incorporates a grip, folding features and substantial material to deliver an updated look and feel for your Ruger 10/22 rifle. This product is designed to fit all Ruger 10/22 rifles snugly. Consumers looking to improve 10/22 firearms should look no further, as they will find one of the best 10/22 rifle stock systems in the Butler Creek rendition of this product.

The one thing I love about the Butler Creek stock is that it’s not only cheap, it’s made in the USA.  The body of this particular product is composed of a heavy-duty stainless steel. The forearm on the Butler Creek Ruger Stock System is made of a non-reflective polymer material, ensuring the significant strength. The Links and connections between the stock’s components are decent quality as well.  Folks surveyed online for this product claim that it’s long-lasting and “heavy duty”, which can possibly be attributed to its synthetic composite design. The materials and composition used are aimed towards making this stock as “weatherproof” as possible.

Its characteristic folding build and materials make give it a huge edge, while allowing ease of transportation when folded. Most folks that bought this stock say that it fits snugly and securely when the butt is folded up for transport as well.

How’s this stock going to help?

The stock has three indentations in its hand-grip, meant for finger placement, included to help aim quality and comfortable ergonomics.  Unlike other, similar grips, this particular grip is suited to accommodate both left and right hand shooters.  The flexible folding design of this stock makes this stock stand out. The mechanism is easy and nearly effortless to swing open and to close snugly. The folding lock activates securely and effectively as well. Few stock-making companies can lay claim to all of the folding feature quality that Butler Creek has incorporated which is a big reason why this stock stands out.

Also, unlike a number of stock systems created by the competition, the reloading of ammunition is not an issue.  The Butler Creek Stock’s clip loading area are left free-and-clear of parts of the stock that could get in the way.  Weighing a mere 2.8 pounds, the package of the Butler Creek Ruger 10/22 Stock System is dimensionally 3” x 10” x 34.8”. Because of its compact and folding nature, storage is simple.  This stock can be carried in all average-sized and most small-sized rifle cases making it ideal for those who carry firearms while biking, hiking, and traveling, as it can be easily stored.

What about the Install?

This Ruger 10/22 Stock System can be mounted quickly. The stock incorporates a simple “sliding” system.   Most average rifle users have noted that installation can take as little as 20 minutes from initiation to completion. Modification is rarely necessary in the installation.  If it is, check your instructions because you might be doing something incorrectly.

Only simple hand-tools are necessary in any mounting and/or modification efforts involving the removal of the original Ruger 10/22 stock. In the case that additional assistance is needed in the installation of the Butler Creek Ruger 10/22 Stock System, Butler Creek customer service is usually solid when you need help.Some rifle owners have discovered that this model can in fact be modified to suit some .920 barrel rifles as well, though this is NOT suggested by the manufacturer.

How will the Butler Creek Ruger 10/22 Stock System Improve my 10/22 Rifle?

It’s a common theme amongst rifle owners that the Butler Creek Ruger 10/22 Stock System is becoming one of the popular stocks.  It scores style points not only aesthetically, but functionally and cost wise as well.  Some claim that the stock system improves the overall balance of your rifle, bringing straighter shots, as well as comfortable support to firing.  Unlike other stocks you may to your 10/22 rifle, the Butler Creek Folding Ruger Stock System incorporates a shoulder pad that conveniently sits out of the way of ejection-related areas of the rifle, such as the port and the bolt. Recoil pads on this stock also improve the shot-quality of common 10/22 rifles as they mitigate shock to the shooter’s arm and increase stability throughout the rifle. Raised checkering on the grip (mentioned above) can increase accuracy and can enhance shooter control and wrist positioning.

What About Looks?

 The Butler Creek Ruger 10/22 Stock addition is designed to bring a modern feel to an old firearm, so of course, your 10/22 is going to look better.  It may not be as cool looking as the Tapco or Blackhawk, but what it lacks for looks in those areas get added back with functionality points because the stock folds.

Like other stock systems, it modernizes outdated rifles by bringing them into the world of modern, tactical weaponry. However, this particular stock combines a folding mechanism, comfortable grip, and quality build material to deliver a product that not only modernizes, but vastly improves the quality of most Ruger 10/22 rifles.