We just felt like taking a day off of writing and posting our usual content today so we can post a HUGE Memorial day thank you to all of those who have served, are serving and specifically those that have lost their lives defending the greatest country in the world.

Many of us take our daily liberties for granted, when deep down we should be giving thanks for what those before us have come and gone through.

None of us would have the freedoms we have today or enjoy the luxuries that we do without the sacrifice of those who have served in the US Military.

While those of us here at ArmsBearingCitizen have never served, we are truly grateful and honored that we enjoy the simple things in life because of the dedication and servitude of our Military brothers & sisters have provided us over the years.

With that being said, we will keep it short and sweet.

From the bottom of our hearts here at ABC – We thank you!


ArmsBearingCitizen.com Editorial Staff