NcStar Tactical Red/Green Dot Sight Review

NcStar Tactical Red/Green Dot Sight is a rifle scope sight that is helpful for those who will like to achieve precision when aiming a tactical assault rifle. The rifle scope allows the users to enjoy great eye relief when aiming. The dot sight spot is accurate when making use of it. Before buying NcStar Tactical Red/Green Dot Sight it is necessary to read NcStar Tactical Red/Green Dot Sight Review so that the potential buyer will be able to know some of its advantages and disadvantages if any. After buying the dot sight it comes with 30 mmm cantilever mount which make it comfortable when making use of it. Below you can read more of the benefits and features of the NcStar Tactical Red/Green Dot Sight.

NC Star


Red & Green Dot Sight:

The dot sight produces both red and green dots. It depends on the user to decide on which dot to use. In case one will prefer using red dot while aiming with his rifle, he can comfortably choose by just selecting on the two. By just a press of the button the user is able to decide on a given dot. This makes it necessary for any shooter to buy because there will be no restriction on a given color of dot.

Anodized Aluminum Construction:

The dot sight is made out of anodized black aluminum. This makes it very light for users to enjoy carrying it while mounted on their rifles. The light weight makes it very popular in people who will like a dot sight which they can use in different places. Although the anodized aluminum used in making the dot sight is very light, it is also very durable.

Brightness Settings for Green and Red Dot:

The dot sight produces a dot that is very bright. This makes it easily noticeable by users. For those shooters who will like to have a dot sight that will be able to produce dots that are bright this is the right dot for them to buy. By the fact that the green or red dot produced is bright, it makes it easy for users to achieve good precision when making use of the dot sight. It is unlike other dot sights available in the markets which produce dot sights of less brightness. The brightness of the dots produced makes it very necessary especially when making use of it in bright summer days.

Flip-Up Cover Keeps Out Dust:

When making use of the dot sight there are times when dust can affect the performance of the dot sight, in such a case the manufacturers took time to come up with a flip cover that is able to keep out all the dust that may be deposited on the screen. This ensures that the dot sight is free from any interference that can be brought about due to too much dust deposits. When the dot sight is not in use the flip cover also comes in handy because it keeps out all the dust that can easily affect the performance of the dot sight.

For a quick video recap of this sight, check out the review video below.