Nikon M-223 BDC 600 3-12×42 Review

Many shooters these days are looking to get the most bang for their buck when shopping for a quality product for their AR-15’s. There are a lot of choices out there and that can get confusing when you are trying to find something that’s reasonably priced for a long distance AR-15 Scope. If your budget is less for an AR-15 optic, it’s hard to compete with anything outside the Nikon M-223 BDC 600 (View on It’s designed with an adjustable magnification range that provides a wide field of view from the top of the range to low range as well. Best equipped for an assault rifle platform shooting at 100-600 yards, there aren’t many better choices in a long distance scope. This particular optic is sought after by competition shooters and expert varmint hunters alike.

Varmint Hunting requires optics with a wide range of magnification, excellent clarity, high resolution and, above all, durability. The Nikon line offers all this, with the 3-12×42 model being the best of the bunch for most applications. This scope weighs in at a scant 19.93oz. Weight normally isn’t much of a concern, but there are some hunts where extra ounces do matter. Eye relief on the BDC 600 line is also generous for those times when you can’t get into a normal shooting position. The Nikon BDC 600 is a scope you can haul into places you probably wish you hadn’t gone to. One of the benefits about this scope is the fact that it was built to handle muzzle speeds without much vibration, making follow up shots quick and painless. This model was engineered to handle velocity speeds at 3240 FPS which is a feat in and of itself, especially with minimal reaction after the shot.

Nikon products are all considered “high-end” optics and are usually priced pretty reasonably. While you’ll always have to pay extra for a good product, it’s interesting to note that while the price of almost all optics has gone up in the last few years Nikon prices have stayed the roughly the same. The BDC 600 3-12×42 is right in line with what most folks are used to paying for a quality optic and maybe a little less than a lot of the other premium brands now on the market. The quality of Nikon’s line of scopes is popular when it comes to quality and ease of use. There are other cheaper scopes out there but the Nikon is worth the price if it fits your budget.

To sum it up, the Nikon M-223 BDC600 is an quality product that will last you for a long time to come. It’s waterproof, fogproof, shockproof and it’s specifically geared towards pairing with an AR-15 for easy use. There aren’t many assault rifle specific models on the market today that are of the same quality as this particular model. Below is a brief video giving you an insight into this particular product line.