Nikon M-308 4-16×42 SF Review

The .308 Winchester has had a great military career and these days it’s become one of America’s favorite sporting and competition cartridges, as well. Of course, the .308 is popular for good reason. With the right choice of powder the .308 can match the much longer 30-06 in performance, and thanks to the improvements that have occurred over the years the .308 outperforms the 30-06’s original specs. Throw in a steady supply of surplus ammo for practice and surplus brass for reloading and the .308 becomes attractive package. But what about finding a optic to go with your new rifle chambered in .308?  Whether you own a traditional hunting rifle or an AR-10, finding the right optic compatible with your rifle can be a challenge.  Thanks to Nikon – they have helped solve this problem at a pretty reasonable price as well.


Nikon has gone a long way in solving this dilemma for .308 enthusiasts with the introduction of the M-308. This model builds off of the M-223 platform and has all of the built-in dependability, high light transmission and quality that people have come to expect from Nikon products, but with a few features added for the .308 Winchester/7.62×51 NATO cartridge.

For starters the M-308 features Nikon’s Eye Box Technology which allows for no less than four inches of noncritical eye relief, a feature that can come in handy when it comes to mounting your optics on some AR-10 rifles. Nikon has also equipped this model with rapid action turrets which allow the point of aim to be adjusted from 100 to 800 yards through only a single revolution. The adjustable turrets are backed up by a bullet drop compensation system based on the  reticle that features hold off marks out to 800 yards. Finally, this scope includes a 20 MOA inclined mount to ensure there will be plenty of adjustment in the overall package for long-range shooting. The addition of an inclined mount such as this is never a bad idea with the .308 if bullets in the 200gr weight range are utilized.

While the M-308 isn’t the perfect optic for every .308 Winchester-chambered rifle, it’s a good choice for a lot of them. The combination of the adjustable turrets coupled with a bullet drop compensation system allows for enough flexibility for a wide variety of loads, and this model’s ample eye relief means it can be mounted on just about any type of rifle, although AR-10 owners will find it suitable. Nikon has a full lifetime warranty on this version.

Check out the video below for a great demo of this optic in action: