Redfield BattleZone 3-9×42 Review

At first blush this piece of optics equipment looks to be just another Redfield product in keeping with the style and design of its other offerings. What makes it the choice for many shooters is that it comes equipped with an adjustable turret dial specifically calibrated for the AR-15 popular .223 Remington firing a 55gr bullet at 3100fps. An included second turret dial is calibrated for .308 Winchester ammunition firing a 168gr bullet at 2650fps. There’s a lot to like about this particular optic, so let’s go ahead and jump right into the details of everything that it can do.

Most folks who own a .223 or .308 will want to make use of the lower cost military surplus ammunition that’s sometimes available, or simply want to save money by firing low-cost commercial FMJ ammo for practice or plinking. The two dials included with it will provide the money-conscious shooter with an applicable drop compensation system for these types of ammo. Naturally, this drop compensation system can also be used with soft point ammunition with muzzle velocities close to the stated levels. It’s true that bullet design will have an effect on the accuracy of the system, but by and large you’ll be in the neighborhood and a little trial and error is all that is required to work things out. It is also interesting to note that the provided turret dials will give reasonably accurate drop adjustment for any cartridge with a muzzle velocity similar to the .223 or .308. Many popular cartridges such as the .270 Winchester and .243 Winchester have velocities close to 3100fps and cartridges like the 30-06 and 35 Whelen have velocities around 2650. As long as the muzzle velocity is similar the drop compensation will be of some use and with a little practice can be of great use. What’s also great to note is that the lenses are fully multi-coated which is not something that you typically see for a scope in this price range. Usually you can expect to pay 150% more than what this scope retails for if you are looking for an assault rifle platform with a multi-coated lens.

Many optics on the market today feature some form of bullet drop compensation system. You can find lower priced scopes with similar systems, but to be useful a certain amount of dependability and quality construction must be built into it. Redfield products have excellent durability, clarity, high light transmission and a reliable warranty program. If you’re interested in getting a scope with a built-in drop compensation program, the Redfield BattleZone(View on is an excellent place to start.

This model has become a very popular choice amongst many AR-15 and AR-10 enthusiasts alike. It not only performs like a champ, but it looks aesthetically pleasing as well. It makes your assault rifle stand out and look different than the typical red dot optics that most people use. The extra magnification power makes this an amazing scope for the money if you are looking for a longer distance scope for your AR-15 or AR-10 platform. This scope has a different audience than the Leupold MOD 1, but they are both quality scopes for the money. the It may not be the last scope you’ll ever buy, but it is pretty much guaranteed not to disappoint considering the small initial investment.

Below is a video about the awesome performance of this particular optics accessory: