Ruger 10/22 Tapco Intrafuse Stock Review

Tapco Intrafuse
Does your Ruger 10/22 rifle need to be updated? Maybe you bought your Ruger 20 years ago and you’d now consider it an antique. The Tapco Intrafuse Stock system brings outdated and antique rifle back to modern use. Consumers claim that with Tapco stock systems, their outdated rifles are transformed into ideal, formidable, modern tactical weapons. This system, the Tapco Intrafuse adjustable stock, provides shooters with an installable solution that can be adjusted to accommodate shooters of any size.  It has collected  a fan base with an adjustable 6-position T6 stock (extending butt), pistol grip, and upper hand guard rail that help facilitate ease of use, comfort and overall usage flexibility.

The Tapco Intrafuse stock is made here, in the United States, and is a military-grade product available to the common shooter. Its body is composed of a composite glass-filled nylon. This is among one of the composites strength-wise when it comes to weapon material. The incorporation of such material in a rifle accessory can assure consumers of the lasting, heavy-duty quality of this product. Ruger 10/22 owners will find few stocks of greater quality.

How Do I Customize My Stock?

Small yet major details of the Tapco Intrafuse make it an ideal product for comfort and customization. This model bears a cut arsenal for an optional blade bayonet. Not only will a bayonet fit, but it will fold and/or collapse just as it would in a situation where no additional stock system is involved. Although the bayonet is not included with the shipped or purchased system package, all bayonets of average size are likely, if not assured, to fit. A niche is also provided for an average-size cleaning rod.

The stock’s comfortable SAW quality pistol grip aids shooters by providing additional comfort in and command over the rifle. The grip is composed of a comfortable polymer that is designed to fit in your hand. The grip’s slant helps to add security as well. Inside of the grip is additional storage (for what cannot be stored in the guard rail). A convenient incorporated forend guard rail, (Picatinny/Weaver), facilitates the storage and mounting of accessories such as lasers, LED lights, other optics and other items, to add a personal touch to the rifle.   Some variations of this stock system include a lower Picatinny/Weaver rail, to be used in the addition of a bipod or vertical grip to the weapon.

What about the Install?

The Tapco Intrafuse system involves little installation effort. Only a simple drop-in installation is needed. To give you an idea, I actually use this stock currently on my own Ruger 10/22, and it took me maybe 20 minutes to slap it together.  No more than basic tools need be used in the process.  Also, installation is not a complex process with the Intrafuse. Instructions aren’t necessary, although they are available online or through Tapco should a rifle owner need further instruction. Unlike other rifle add-ons, this Tapco Intrafuse stock should have need of little to no alteration, (nor should the rifle itself), before, during or after installation. If modification is necessary, it will be minimal, if needed at all.

How will the Tapco Intrafuse Stock System Improve my Ruger 10/22 Rifle?

Most Amazon surveyed customers agree that the Tapco Intrafuse lightens their Ruger 10/22, and maintains the integrity of the original rifle in sight quality, overall feel, and firing strength.  Customers generally claim that the addition makes the rifle feel lighter and mobile, as the underhand grip on the product helps to even a rifle’s center-of-mass.

The sight of a rifle is also supposed to improve with the additional stock. Additionally, the two sling positions in the system also add to the convenience of this add-on. Some users have commented that the Tapco Intrafuse Stock System’s natural addition to the length of a rifle.  Personally, I went ahead and added a Blackhawk Sling to mine, and it feels fantastic when I take it up to the woods with me on long hunting afternoons or just carrying it around the cabin when I’m looking to go plinking with my family.

What About Aesthetics? Will My Rifle Look Right with this Addition?

 The Tapco Intrafuse Stock is not only designed to feel right in a user’s hands, it was created to look and appear as a technical tactical weapon. Meant to blend in color with your rifle, this system will seem to visually almost combine forces with a firearm. The slanted grip and customizable segments listed above (accessory rail, bayonet arsenal) provide rifle owners with the ability to add ideal visual features to the weapon that make it stand out and just plain look cool.

Amazon surveyed rifle owners (including myself) seem to be pleased  by this simple and affordable way to modernize outdated and old school rifles that need an update. The Tapco Intrafuse Stock System is an easy-to-install, American-made product that possesses all of the convenient features of modern tactical weapons. Both visually and applicably, this product is among the most effective add-on stock systems available.