Simmons 8-Point Truplex 3-9×40 Review

One of the Most Popular 22 rifle optics on the market, the Simmons 8 point Truplex Reticle Rifle scope(View on meets budget with quality in some of the best ways possible like many other options out there today. The zoom quality is smooth and shooters claim that even though it’s rated at 100 yards, that it can pull down distances much further out than that.

This model can be mounted up to a .223, AR 22, .556, and .308 for those looking for a little distance and not something that’s targeted so much around close quarters combat. While this model isn’t near the same quality as a Nikon or a Leupold, it’s got plenty of punch for an optic.

This model is a little longer than most, atx around 11 inches, which is about the only inconvenience. The eye relief isn’t but it gets the job done and you can’t expect it to perform the same as other scope. When it comes to optics, you get what you pay for and luckily, the Truplex 3-9×40 perfoms at about twice the price range for the cost.

One of the best parts of this model is the ability to take some abuse. You can slap it on top of a .556 and fire off a hundred rounds without it nudging at all. It can handle plenty of recoil making follow up shots easy and accurate. In fact, one of the major selling points is the fact that it’s touted as recoil-proof, which would make sense given the results during field testing. It is also waterproof and shockproof. The lenses are coated to ensure a clear line of vision and protect against scratches.

Another nice feature with this particular optic is the ¼ audible-click windage and elevation adjustments. It makes it easy to click over and sight it in on the fly without worrying about strapping your rifle to an optics mount in order to get it sighted.

It actually weighs in pretty light for the length, at 70 ounces. That means it’s not going to add a ton of unused weight to your rifle which is a bonus if you take your rifle on long hunting expeditions or on casual hikes in the mountains near your home.-

Overall the Simmons is a quality product. If you have the money, the Nikon is still hands down the best buy considering the quality that it has. If money is tight for you though, you can’t go wrong with this model. It would be one of my top choices for any rifle optic if that’s where I was capped out at with my budget. There are many quality variations in this price range, but this is one of the better values for the cost.