Tapco Intrafuse Ruger 10/22 Tactical Trainer Review

Ready to upgrade your Ruger 10/22 Carbine now that your old stock isn’t up to snuff? Or maybe your old Ruger 10/22 stock doesn’t provide enough “giddy-up”.  Look no further than the Tapco Intrafuse 10/22 Tactical Trainer stock. Tapco designed this model to be prime for customization of basic Ruger 10/22 rifles. It’s deal for all types of shooters, thanks to its engineered six position stock design. Whether for law enforcement, defense, or an upgraded hunting weapon, the Tapco Intrafuse 10/22 Tactical Trainer is an option for your old Ruger 10/22 rifle. 

The Tacitcal Trainer is engineered, designed, and built right here, in the United States, so you know that quality isn’t an issue. The model is composed of reinforced composite, ensuring a sturdy, safe, and reliable shot. The body is not easy to scrape, scratch, or damage in any way. Shooters typically agree that this is a long lasting stock, not easily damaged or warped. It also sports well reinforced connections, ensuring stability and safety.

 What models will my new stock fit?

 This system fits standard 10/22 barrels. However, it also fits .920 Heavy Bull Barrels, making the model versatile.

Can I customize it?

 The Tapco Intrafuse 10/22 Tactical Trainer is engineered for customization. The stock makes an antique rifle into a tactical firearm.  This custom stock has a lot of potential when paired with add-ons. The model will add two picatinny and Weaver side rails to the forearm of a 10/22 in order to facilitate the attachment of optics (flashlights, LED lights, lasers), specialized grips (vertical, handlebar), slings, magazine holders and other exciting add-ons that will take the rifle up a notch for shooters.

A bottom rail is also included for similar uses.  The Intrafuse T6 rubber butt-pad, included with the Tapco Intrafuse Tactical Trainer system is also pretty sweet. Should a shooter choose to add it, the rubber butt-pad helps the rifle become a little bit more ergonomically friendly.

What about the install?

 Though the mounting process is slightly complex for this stock system than others, it’s still not bad.  If you get stuck, you can fall back on instructions or plug it in on youtube to find several install videos.  Shooters agree that the process is complex, yet short and requires minimal skill. Most say that it takes under 15 minutes to install.

 What are some of the features?

 This model sports a variety of quality features, placing it among the modern stock systems. First, the grip is SAW style, with a pistol grip design.   The stock body on the Tapco Intrafuse 10/22 Tactical Trainer includes, as is mentioned above, a six position locking stock design. The body is engineered as a constant T6 design with two different stock tubes included. One is a straight 6 position stock tube. The other is an angled 6 position stock tube. Both tubes lock solidly. Details on stock extension lengths (at each stage) are listed below.

 How large is the product, and is it easily transportable?

 The additional stock measures 24 inches, by 18 inches, by 4 inches, and weighs a hefty 3 pounds, making it heavier and more durable than some lighter (or more compact) models. The weight does not deplete the light feeling that tactical stock systems typically provide. Shooters typically agree that the system makes their rifle more mobile, and helps to make the users themselves more agile in the field. This can likely be attributed to the underhand and centered ergonomic grip along with a few other features listed below.  The convenient adjustable pull on the Tapco Intrafuse Trainer stock system measures 10.75 in when fully collapsed; 11.66 in, 12.5 in, 13.25 in and 14 in between fully extended and collapsed; and 14.66 in. when fully extended.

 Overall, it’s hard to beat the Tactical Trainer.  Maybe you already think you have the best 22 rifle out there.  Perhaps you do, but you won’t find many better stock improvements than the 10/22 Tactical trainer.