Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot Review

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot (View on Amazon.com) is a dot sight that can impress the users of arms who will like to achieve great precision when aiming. Unlike other do sights available in the market, the red dot sight is accurate. It has many features which the users who buy it will enjoy. Unlike other scopes which are a bit expensive, the dot sight is cheap which will make any user enjoy buying it. Although it is a bit cheap it really serves the purpose, especially when pairing it with an entry level assault rifle. For a full breakdown of the popular and advanced assault rifle scopes, you can check out our AR-15 rifle scope review guide, or continue reading on to understand the benefits of buying a great basic/beginner red dot sight.


The following are features of arms red dot which make it very necessary for any buyer:

Isolation Platform:

The red dot is placed on an isolation platform which allows the users to mouth it on a separate platform from the rifles. This is a feature because it avoids cases where the red dot can be affected by the recoil and vibrations which sometimes can be brought about by powerful guns. The unit is also easy to use which will enable any user to enjoy convenience after buying it.

Solid Aluminum Constriction:

The red dot sight is sturdy. This makes it durable which will allow any user to enjoy making use of it for a long period of time. This has made the users of the red dot sight to enjoy long life with it. This is beneficial because after any buyer makes a decision of buying it, he or she will enjoy long life with the red dot sight which will guarantee them value of their money which they may have used in buying the red dot sight.

7 Powerful Brightness Settings:

The red dot has powerful brightness setting which allows the user to enjoy making use of it even in a bright summer day. This is a feature that has made many buyers enjoy making use of it. For those who will like to buy a dot sight that will help them while aiming at different targets in any season, they will really find value after buying the red dot.

4 Different Reticle Selections:

The selection allows the users to find the red dot easily. This makes the dot sight helpful in making aims within the shortest period of time. This makes the red dot sight helpful for those who will like to achieve great precision when shooting. It also avoids delays when shooting hence offering the users great advantage.

Thermoplasmic Lens:

The lens is included after buying it from reputable stores; it is powerful which allows users to enjoy making use of it. With the lens users are able to achieve clear images when aiming. The lens is made out of the latest thermoplasmic technology which enables users to enjoy great performance while aiming at different targets. It is also durable which makes it serve for the longest time possible.