UTG Bipod with SWAT/Combat Profile Review

UTG Bipod with SWAT or Combat Profile and Adjustable height (View on Amazon.com), otherwise known as a Tactical Low Profile Foldable Shooter’s Bipod plays host to a number of features, all of which are ideal for a functional, tactical bipod.

Lightweight yet heavy duty aluminum composes the body of this bipod, ensuring durability and product substantiality. The entiret bipod is metal. (No polymers, cheap plastics, or fabrics used in the making of this bipod.) It will not scratch easily, or be easily broken when handled roughly.

Certain features of the UTG bipod make it ideal for low profile, customizable, and diverse types of shooting. This UTG bipod can be used virtually anywhere; its adjustable legs providing a shooter with the option to adjust to any length (to the nearest .1 inch) between 6.7 and 7.5 inches in height. Plus, the legs are loaded with spring mechanisms to suit use on the roughest terrains. Even better is the fact that the included springs do not have the obnoxious potential to “get in the way” as they can be folded away with the legs.

Its dual mounting system makes this bipod ideal for mounting to a wide range of stock systems or rifle mounts and rails. A Picatinny/Weaver mounting deck and swivel stud mount are included with the bipod, providing additional methods of mounting and attaching the bipod. Additionally, the threat of a tipping bipod is thwarted by the presence of a rubber stand and anti-posi lock mechanism. A low profile design allows for a barely noticeable firearm setup, facilitating inconspicuous missions or occasions. Spring systems in the legs help with quiet setup as well,
Fluid movement, as is important for all rifles, no matter the make or model, is important to the designers at UTG. Thus this UTG bipod boasts a fluid swivel mechanism, making turning 360 degrees possible with even the lightest touch.

This model is for target practice and hunting trips, its foldable nature facilitating ease of transport and ease of setup. Weighing a mere 1.5 pounds, including packaging, the UTG bipod is no hassle to carry by hand or in a bag or backpack. Altogether, it is said to work with hunting rifles, pistols, and even shotguns.

When looking for an advanced, yet lightweight bipod, rifle users should look no further than the UTG Bipod with SWAT or Combat Profile and Adjustable Height. Built to last, this UTG product is inconspicuous, light and mobile, and functional. Above all, this bipod is simple and attractive, giving shooters a SWAT or combat profile feel without the complexity of a difficult bipod.