Why We Should Lax Control Laws in 2017 – Getting the Best Hand Gun for Personal Use

Although it is considered an American right, gun ownership has long been the topic for social and political debate for decades now. According to statistics, there are approximately 300 million firearms that are privately owned by American civilians. Most of these arms are purchased, bearing home protection in mind. This actually makes sense – in case of criminal attacks, a gun can be the most convenient and most effective way to defend your family and property.

On the other hand, some people buy guns for other purposes. Some of the most popular purposes are hunting, target shooting, and hobby or gun collecting. Whatever the case is, still the point is having a gun at home is somewhat a necessity, especially if you live in an area where security is a compromise.

Gun Control Laws Worldwide

  • Switzerland –In Switzerland, all males that reach 18 years of age are required to get military training and possess a Sig Sauer p229 and a Sig SG 550 at home. In addition, they are also trained on how to hide their firearms in case a new regime drastically takes over the government. They are also taught how to get together quickly and defend themselves in case enemies attack. However, majority of population does not discuss about private gun ownership, which is actually lax in this country. In terms of concealed carry, individuals are permitted to bring only government issued Sig Sauer. If they wish to buy a firearm, they would need have a permit, particularly if they are looking to buy semi-automatics such as rifles, handguns, pump action weapons, and the likes.
  • Czech Republic –Most gun enthusiasts love this place because not only gun laws are lax and lenient, people’s attitude towards guns is very nice as well. Here, the citizens have the right to carry firearms. Because of these laws, Czech is now considered a safe place and so authorities don’t see the need to come up with stricter gun laws. If you’re in Czech, you simply need to have a permit to own a gun. And of course, pick a reason for wanting to own one. You don’t need an evidence or proof if you’re purchasing a gun for self-defense, hunting, gun collection, for profession, or sports purposes.
  • Italy –While Italy seems such a peaceful city, people are actually allowed to own a certain number of firearms, depending on the intended purpose. Once you have a license to carry, you can own a total of three handguns for general purposes, six for sports, unlimited weapons if you’re hunting, eight vintage weapons, unlimited pieces of shot muzzle replicas, and unlimited pieces of airguns, as long as they are approved by the Minister of Interior.
  • America –In the US, on the other hand, sales, possession, and use of weapons are well regulated by the state. A few states have banned assault weapons. A total of 44 states have issued a provision to amend the US constitution, protecting the rights of private individuals to own and carry firearms. Some states require that firearms be registered to the police or other related government agencies. However, all states currently permit concealed carry.

Pros of Gun Ownership

For most gun owners, there are quite several benefits of owning a gun. Some of these are:

  1. A gun gives them a higher chance to survive in case of burglary or property trespassing. Most criminals often get discouraged whenever they see an end of the gun barrel pointed at their face. In fact, 74% of burglary gets stopped each year by mere gun ownership.
  2. Having a gun gives a sense of security. Whether in a business or at home, you can sit peacefully knowing that if a culprit wants to break in, you can instantly defend your investments or family or even stop an attack before it even cause more damage.
  3. Sometimes, letting people know that you own a gun saves you from potential attacks. In America, statistics show that criminals are being dissuaded when they know a household is being protected by a deadly weapon.

Downside of Owning a Gun

Obviously, guns are dangerous. When not handled properly, it can injure your family o even cause death. However, these days there are tons of gun safes to keep this from happening. Built with security locks and other relative features, they provide quick access and safety; preventing your firearms from getting into the wrong hands.

Whether or not you decide to own a gun actually depends on your community and personal preference. If you have strong reasons for getting one and the laws permit, then get one by all means. It’s better to be safe than sorry at times of burglar or invader attacks. Your family matters the most, as well as your prized properties and personal security.

Before you even decide which among the best hand guns to buy, it is important that you are well-informed of the pros and cons of owning a gun as well as safety precautions and the corresponding laws you must abide to.