Winchester eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe Review

There are some great things that have to be pointed out in expressing my Winchester Safes eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe (View on Review; yet, let me first state that it is a good buy even in comparison to some of the other more popular biometric gun safes. If you happen to own two large pistols that need a roomy lock box, then this safe is a good choice.Even 3 pistols with spare magazines can nicely fit into this safe storage.

It may not exactly fit in your car and there are better safe choices for your nightstand next to your bedside, but keeping it in your library or bedroom makes you feel comfortable since children cannot access the safe due to biometric fingerprint reader. Just make sure that batteries are always fresh you so you won’t encounter any problems in opening the safe. My first advice after you have received the product is to check how efficient the biometric scan works. The scan usually works but you may need to repeat the scan until the light goes green. Also, do make sure to wipe your finger clean before using the sensitive biometrics scan. It is accurate since it uses third-generation card reader as against less reliable optic reader. Other responsible family members can access it since the safe can be programmed to recognize as much as 15 fingerprints. Just make sure you have properly briefed family members how to open the lock. In case you’re not around and imminent threat is possible, your family members can access your guns.

The safe itself is not that heavy since it’s just merely 16 pounds made of impact-resistant hard plate. Anyway, Winchester products are often known for their craftsmanship which is why this safe is a favorite choice among gun owners. Just make sure that you carefully store your guns since there are metal protrusions that can scratch your guns. Once you get used to storing your guns in the right position inside, then it is not an anymore an issue. It’s just that some folks do store expensive pieces as collection. Keep in mind that this safe is reasonably priced if you simply want a lock box. It’s not a vault for rare items since it’s more of a functional storage for guns.

Delivery time is fast and there’s a one-year warranty in case you’re not happy. Like I said, it suits any gun owner’s purpose – safe storage for guns. Burglars can’t simply open it due to the technology it features. There’s an instruction manual that comes along so better read it first. Programming the lock isn’t rocket science. Believe me, all it takes is one second to swipe and open. In dangerous situations, this could mean life or death for any gun owner in the face of home invasion or burglary.

The Winchester Safes eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe has a good price. There are other similar safes out there that are often too expensive. Aside from the price, one also needs to consider the room space for storing the guns. I’d recommend it to my friends because it’s affordable and large enough for three guns. This safe complements my lifestyle as an avid gun owner. This is one Winchester product you can keep for a long tim