4 New Gun Safe Reviews – The Newest Breed of Gun Safes in the Market

It is your duty as the gun owner to safeguard your weapon; ensuring that they never get into the hands of wrong people, especially your children. Luckily, there are now tons of brands and models in the market that highlight lots of security features that not only locks your weapon, but also keep them looking new and easy to access whenever you need to.

In the past, we have compiled our gun safe reviews, featuring the high-rated gun safes in the internet. Today, we are adding for more items to our list of top picks so hang on and be informed.

The Newest Gun Safes to Invest On

1. First Alert Portable Handgun Safe (View on Amazon.com)
Due to its petite size, it is considered as one of the convenient and portable safes in the market today. The compact exterior is made out of high-grade 18-gauge steel, which means you cannot knock it broken that easy. Like other massive gun safes, it allows for quick access with a snap of the lid. However, its security should not be understated. The keypad at the top of the safe enables you to set a 3 to 8 digit passcode. The locking mechanism itself is highly durable, having a spring loaded design that snaps open or close quickly. If you need to mount it into the floor, the safe comes with mount-ready holes underneath. If you’d like to bring it along during your trip, it has a security cable that you can bind with your car so that it stays in place. The insides are protected with foam, so you need not worry about your firearms getting scratches. The item weighs a total of 6.3 pounds and is powered by 4 AA batteries.

2.Stack-On Fire Resistant and Waterproof Defense Safe (View on Amazon.com)
–This Stack-On item is one of the highly-acclaimed gun storage that offer a safe way to store your firearms. Apart from safekeeping a total of 22 rifles and 11 handguns, it also protects your valuables from risks of moisture and fire due to its fireproof and waterproof construction. The locking mechanism features a backlist electronic system, which includes operational bulbs that lights when the safe opens, is low on battery, or during wrong password attempts. It is also rechargeable, thanks to its factory-installed socket that allows ease of charging whenever and wherever necessary. The cabinet is certified by the Department of Justice in California. It weighs a total of 463 pounds and is powered by built-in 1.9 volt battery. Body comes in black/silver hue.

3.GunVault MicroVault Gun Safe (View on Amazon.com)
–Featuring a notebook design is the GunVault MicroVault Safe. Since it is lightweight, compact, and small in size, you can practically take it wherever you go. Along the road, in the woods, or in the shooting range – you’ll never have difficulties or worries as long as your arms are kept inside. The exterior is rock-solid 16-gauge stainless steel, while the interior is delicately lined with foam to protect the weapon inside. At the top are the safe’s security buttons, allowing users to select from 12 million available access codes. Like other brands, it comes with an override key and security cable. The safe weighs only 4 pounds.

4. BARSKA Biometric Safe (View on Amazon.com)
–Sometimes it is not only your weapons that you don’t want to go missing or be held by the wrong person. Even documents and pricey jewelries need to be kept in a safe place as well. This is the perfect time the BARSKA Biometric Safe comes in. Because of its roomy storage inside, you can store handguns, documents, and cash as much as you want. You can have a peace of mind knowing that your weapons and the rest of your valuables are protected by biometrics, a mechanism that records fingerprints and recognizes them each time you need to open the safe again. The process takes only seconds. Though securely locked, accessing the contents is a breeze with this biometric safe. When you buy one, you’ll get the biometric gun safe, mounting hardware, and 2 backup keys for emergency. Beneath the safe are pre-drilled mounting points so you can attach it to the floor or anywhere you like.

Your Choice

Having the best handgun must come along with having the best gun safe where you can keep your firearms far from danger. These are just some of the most reliable safes to date. The great thing with most of these is that they do not only protect your weapons, but other significant valuables as well. Thanks to their top-of-the-line security features – you’ll never have to worry about your things being handled by anyone else again. You can now have the power of security and peace of mind all in one go.