BARSKA 1-4X28 IR Rifle Scope Review: Affordable & Reliable

What does a professional or recreational shooter look for in a rifle scope? The important things are good magnification and eye relief, a cross hair that is illuminated, a glass reticle and should be easy to zero. The Barska 1-4×28 IR rifle scope┬áprovides all the mentioned abilities and more. Hunters can now shoot their game with ease. They can even shoot at any weather conditions as the rifle scope is water resistant, as well as fog resistant. Thanks to the purge of CO-2 nitrogen and sealed O-ring, the scope is protected from any harm that could have been caused by water. This is important if you intend on using this scope on a tactical AR-15 assault rifle. If you have a bigger budget range, we’d suggest looking at EOTech as well.

The reticle of the scope contains two batteries. When one dies, the other one takes over. This makes it more convenient for hunters to conduct their shooting without the hustle of replacing a battery that needs recharging in the field. The additional battery puts away the fear of a battery dying during shooting sessions.


The first time you use this scope, you will need to shoots a couple of rounds for the cross hair to zero in. After it zeroes in, aiming for the game becomes better. This scope is the ability of the cross hair to remain zeroed without any adjustments. It the time for your next hunt, the cross hair will remain as you left it. Of course, that is provided no one messes with the adjustments when you are not using it. This eliminates time a hunter would have used to make the correct adjustments minimizing his time to hunt for game.

The external locking turrets are features for the scope that when locked prevent any wind from getting into the scope and messing up the elevation. They eliminate constant adjustments made every time a hunter wants to shoot. Time wasted making several adjustments is one thing hunters can cross off their scope wish list.

The scope’s has a magnification power of 1 x to 4 x. This makes even an amateur hunter look good. It is good for those hunters who would scare their game away way before they had a chance to aim. Hunters can now shoot at both long and short range as a result. They can go up to 100 yards and still be able to view the game, aim and shoot it. With a 4.5 inch eye relief, this rifle scope can prevent the gun from hitting your face every time you recoil it.

The reticle contains a mil-dot that is etched onto a glass that illuminates green, red, as well as the conventional black color. This is beneficial for shooting in various environments with different lighting conditions. These illumination features makes it possible for a hunter to view his target regardless of the circumstances.

The scope weighs 16oz and is 10 inches long making it suitable for any hunter to carry and use. The components are of high quality which makes it convenient to use over a long period of time. It is beneficial to hunters as it is designed to perform its functions under any weather conditions. Its durability makes it the best rifle for a hunter to purchase. No one wants something that keeps breaking down.

Check out the detailed video below for more details on this great optics choice.

Ed Hawkins is a long time recreational firearms owner, having owned many different firearms over his lifetime. While his trusty CZ 75B is his favorite, Ed also enjoys frequent trips to the range with his AR-15. Ed is part-owner and managing editor at ArmsBearingCitizen.