Barska 3-9×32 Plinker .22 Review: Cheap & Efficient

For the cost, the Barska 3-9×32 is hands down one of the best optics you can buy for your 22. It’s light weight at 11.5 ounces and it’s water, shock and fog proof. It’s also multi-coated with adjustable dials for both windage and elevation. This particular model is the fact that it comes equipped with mounting rings right out of the box.

These rings may turn out to be a bit small depending on your 22 firearm of choice and if you have a custom stock or not. You can always pick up another set of rings as well if you are having problems with the stock set that it comes equipped with. The scope also comes equipped with a lens cover, lens cloth to round out an excellent overall accessories package.

One of the nice things that we’ve found with this particular model is the fact that for as inexpensive as it is, it’s easy to zero in. It’s well constructed for the price. During field tests, I’ve dropped my rifle in the dirt, picked it up just to see what kind of issues may pop up as a result. The end result was that not much could phase this little scope. After I’d put in the work required to zero it in, the optic was never off and it maintained a steady position through each drop, pickup and continuous firing of my firearm.

The most common complaint that goes around with this optic is that the rings that come with the package are a little cheaper. While I personally have never had any issues with mine, many people recommend getting yourself a set of aftermarket mounting rings just to shore things up a bit.

Personally, I would start off with the rings that come with the set and see if they work before wasting extra money on buying an extra set just to save money. Or you could always pick up a set of rings from the internet and just return them if the stock rings work for your .22 rifle since nothing is worse than buying a new optic and not being able to install it properly on your firearm.

While there are better optics out there for a .22 caliber rifle is easy on price, easy to install, durable and is dead accurate 95% of the time for me up to 100 yards(their claim). If you have the funds to pick up a Nikon ProStaff Rimfire 3-9×40, then that’s the first one I’m going to recommend you buy with this one being a close 2nd or third due to the pricepoint. The ProStaff is more expensive but the Barska 3-9×32 Plinker. It’s hard to recommend a better scope for the money (although you can check out a full list by clicking here) if you are in the market to equip your .22 caliber gun.

Ed Hawkins is a long time recreational firearms owner, having owned many different firearms over his lifetime. While his trusty CZ 75B is his favorite, Ed also enjoys frequent trips to the range with his AR-15. Ed is part-owner and managing editor at ArmsBearingCitizen.