BSA Tactical Weapon 4 x 30mm Rifle Scope Review

A lot of people have the hobby of shooting rifles, whether it may be for hunting or the sheer thrill of squeezing the trigger, hear the boom and feeling the recoil. Some keep rifles in handy for protection. However, it can’t be denied that when it comes to rifles, accuracy is a very important. After all, what’s the point of having a rifle when one cannot hit a target? Shooting accuracy may be affected by different factors such as skill and equipment. One piece of equipment that is critical for accuracy, is the scope of the rifle. This is where BSA Tactical Weapon 4 x 30mm Rifle Scope (View on comes into the picture. The rest of the article is going to serve as a BSA Tactical Weapon 4 x 30mm Rifle Scope review, covering the features, benefits and our final verdict of this specific scope.



Zooming capability is important for any kind of scope, especially if one has a rifle that has a long-range capability. This specific scope has a 4 x 30mm feature, meaning it has a good power into it. The magnification is not really impressive when compared to other scopes, but considering the price, this is where the scope truly shines.
Optics Keep in mind that with scopes, it mainly utilizes specially designed glass, or similar material, to provide magnification. However, there are certain factors that may cause inaccuracy such as flare and scope light refractions. With BSA Tactical Weapon 4 x 30mm Rifle Scope, such kinds of factors are minimized as the optics is fully multi-coated. Minimizing, or eliminating, negative accuracy factors is a step up for increasing effective shooting range and accuracy.

Adjustment Options:

When aiming for targets, one has to consider the distance, wind speed and elevation, as these factors can significantly affect accuracy. The BSA Tactical Weapon 4 x 30mm Rifle Scope has a scope that features precision elevation and windage adjustments. Furthermore, the scope has an accurate fine-tuning adjustment system.

Environmental Protection:

Aside from the scope itself, some other environmental factors may also affect the accuracy of the rifle. One of these factors is fog. Of course, the lesser visibility the shooter has, the higher the chances of missing the target. It’s good to know that BSA Tactical Weapon 4 x 30mm Rifle Scope features a built-in fog proof technology. This does not mean that the technology suddenly gives the shooter an x-ray-like vision in a fog, but it does help minimize the effect of fog when looking through at this scope.


It’s easy to mistake the BSA Tactical Weapon 4 x 30mm Rifle Scope as a fragile scope because of its appearance. However, the scope is built with high craftsmanship and is equipped to handle the most aggressive shooting conditions and it’s a fine compliment as a primary assault rifle optic. Furthermore, it incorporates shockproof and waterproof technology to ensure that owners will get the most of their buck. Such features are important as most rifle shooters will be in the outdoors when shooting their rifles and accidents may happen anytime. The last thing that anyone wants is having a damaged scope caused by water damage or accidental dropping while in the middle of a hunting walk.


Lastly, the BSA Tactical Weapon 4 x 30mm Rifle Scope comes with an option of SKS and AR mounts. Such option opens the scope for a wider range of users.

Our Final Verdict:

The BSA Tactical Weapon 4 x 30mm Rifle Scope is a designed and finely built scope. It may not be the best scope in the market right now. However, the real highlight of this scope is its ability to provide great features and performance versus the price. Is it a scope worth investing? With the features and benefits mentioned above and the super value it brings, it’s safe to say that the answer is a big yes!

Check out the promotional video below for some more details around this optic and why it might be a good fit for your application.