Bushnell Trophy XLT Multi-X Reticle 3-9×40 Review

The Bushnell Trophy XLT Multi-X Reticle (View on Amazon.com) is a little piece of equipment. It’s cheaper than the silver version of the Nikon 3-9×40 and it looks just as cool. The Nikon performs with slightly better quality in my opinion but Bushnell does a great job keeping up with this model. One of the best parts about the XLT is that it’s all one piece which makes it durable and less likely to break. It’s also easy to zero in and is usually spot on up to 100 yards. There are other models that look great, but if you are looking for something in the stainless look, then this is a great choice.

The lenses are fully multi-coated and carry a 91% light transmission which helps this outperform pretty much every optic in the 3-9×40 class outside of the Nikon in the same category.

Let’s talk about looks – Some people enjoy the traditional black model and the original feel it carries with it. Make no mistake, black optics are very traditional and definitely look great on just about every type of rifle. For me though, anything with a stainless barrel needs to have a stainless model to match it. The stainless construction of this brand along with the stainless rings that are available to purchase with it, make this optic really stand out from a looks perspective.

From a performance standpoint the XLT excels in one category and that’s recoil response. It’s good when it comes to handling the recoil of any major rifle, even the larger calibers like the .308. If you purchase aftermarket mounting rings with this particular model, you will be pleased at not only the recoil response, but with the fact that the rifle scope doesn’t seem to oscillate at all, making follow up shots perfect, coordinated and directed in the exact same spot as the first. The Bushnell is accurate and it’s hard to go wrong with it for the cost, especially for one in silver coloring which typically comes with a heftier price tag just because of aesthetics.

Overall when comparing most of the top end optics in the 3-9×40 category, the quality differential is going to be different in relatively small amounts. You will see a drop off in quality from some of the cheaper models like the Barska in comparison to the XLT. You will also see a significant upgrade in comparison from this model to the Leupold 3-9×40 VX-1 or VX-2 Models. While the Nikon is slightly better in quality than the Bushnell , the vast majority of these models are all very close in quality if you are shopping.

If you are sticking to a budget and don’t want to spring for the sliver Nikon 3-9×40, then this optic should be one of the first models you look at. It’s reliable and very competitive for the price.