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To anyone out there who is just starting to love the world of shooting and any survival gear, we can give and share with you our best knowledge to help you about everything in it.

To figure out which is the best survival gear that fits for you is something can be a sturdy way to guide you along, but we are confident with our experience and expertise to supply and support you gradually with the helpful details, facts and advices that you need to become an excelling shooter, an outdoor enthusiast or a responsible owner for keeping their firearms safe and secure.

Below are some of the basics that we can guarantee:

Firearm Analysis

We already started breaking down some of the top .22 rifles on the market in the year 2016 and continuing into even further details with lots of different types of Assault Rifles, Standard Rifles, handguns and many more. Other sites out there tend to disregard how shooting for women became their favorite, that is why we started edging various selections of firearms fro women, starting with the semi- automatic handguns.

Below you will find the few average themes and other good choice once you started to join the gun firing exhibit. We make sure to provide you lists of most of our guns here are best firearms, even if you don’t have yet experienced in firearm shooting, we make and prepare the best choices for you and to those who are highly competitive and aggressive shooters

As a good start, you will find from our famous calibers the most favorite and best selection for you then later on, we’ll be checking for a particular position. The calibers are listed in order positions believing that women can start accordingly, from the beginning until the end. The inexperienced shooter may begin with a .22 caliber handgun and will develop and enhance themselves to level up.

The .380 ACP’s and 9MM’s are considerably transmittable and stated below are more information with each caliber’s difference.  To make it quick, let’s focus to our caliber’s leading selections that most of the women nowadays are raving about.


For Women: The Ruger SR22: The Best .22 LR Semi- Auto Handgun

 For some various reasons, this is the top most of the lists. This is the most favorite for the majority of the women when carrying it out and keeping it locked up in a safe in their cars. It is easy to shoot because it is so light, it is made to endure many and different abuses and most of all, you can clean it easily. In general, it is the 22 caliber that is usually a top choice for anyone in going to shoot. But because some of the shooters complained that the 22 caliber has stopping power deficiencies, but the fact is that, for any self defense situation, it is better to have a gun where you are comfortable with where actually shoot is better compare to using something uncomfortable making it hard for you to shoot due of backfire and can only get off a single shot. Even if you are not yet an expert shooter, but having this Ruger SR22 can give you an easy and quick follow up shots because it has a low recoil impact due on how the handgun was made and its caliber. It is usually and became the famous for the novice shooters for it is so easy to use, but some shooters do not prefer this much also because it is armed with a safety.

For Women: The Best 9MM Semi- Auto Handgun: CZ 75B 9MM

 The CZ 75B gain the victory for its best all around as it always the demand from both novice and vying shooters similarly. This is actually our top disputed choice, although Glock 19 and 17 are both entitled to some considerations also.

Gun Safe Analysis

The total gun safe analysis contrasting guide is clarifying a broad assortment of all the safes on the market in this year 2017 and still on going to the next year. Distinguishing various gun safes for your vehicle, gun safes that you might be needing next to your bed, considering also some humidifiers and the general most biometric gun safes.

Firearms To Survive

We already experimented and tested many different guns to find out which firearms is the best for a survival situation. We did all the tests in many different possible situations to prepare and provide you  with the entire guidelines and methods on preferring the appropriate firearms to every attainable survival situation.


Rifle Scope Analysis

Having far– reaching experiences on shooting guns at any range, we had given the opportunity to meet numbers of competitive shooters to help us evaluate the many types of different rifle scopes. We spend enough time to test it all out which is the best rifle scopes and we ended concluding that .22 rifles are everybody’s favorite as well as the some innumerable guns that are also part of our collection.


Gun Safety

As a novice to this firearm nature, based on our experience, we concentrated and focused doing at the local range the different test out to any various kinds of rifles and handguns. Carriers must be responsible in handling their firearms effectively aside from just locking them up.

Shooting Tips

For novice shooter, always be reminded that safety first is all you need to pay attention to. Once you understood and can manage self-discipline then you can proceed for our shooting tips and helpful tutorials as a good start through discharging a rifle scope.

Firearms Accessories

Simply, we love shooting and beautifying our firearms with different accessories. It is like constructing blocks for adults. Using accessories to customize the firearms are becoming popular now for gun carriers. We have done a few works of customizing our most preferred rifles.

Shooting Accessories

Below are some of the examples of shooting accessories that you might be needing or can help you on your shooting exhibits.

  • Benches and Rests
  • Hearing Protection and Enhancement
  • Shooting Bipods
  • Shooting Sticks
  • Range Bags
  • Holsters and Belts
  • Concealed Carry Purses
  • Gun Slings
  • Sighting In
  • Targets and Chronographs
  • Clay Throwers
  • Ammunition Cases and Holders
  • Shooting Glasses
  • Shooting Vests and Shell Bags
  • Speed Loaders and Accessories
  • Magazine’s Holders and Parts
  • AK Parts and Accessories