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Top Guns Ever Made


hand gunA kind of firearm which is designed either one or both hands to be hand held. With its typical features, it differs as a common class of firearms from long guns like shotguns and rifles which they can be usually carried on shoulders. The pistol and revolver are the major handgun sub-types, including semi-automatic pistols, single- shot pistols and machine pistols, others also include pepper boxes and derringers.

Even if a pistol is a handgun, always remember that not all handguns are pistols. Because of its cartridge chamber which is necessary with the barrel is the reason or the defining aspect that makes a handgun fall into the pistol’s category.  On the other hand, revolvers are not pistols, because as this gun is fired, the cylinder on it that is disconnected from the barrel, which accommodates diversified chambers, revolves around to line up with the cartridge of the barrel.


It was introduced as a black powder cartridge gun in 1899. The cylinder DA revolver will fluctuate not only to make a successful transition to smokeless powder, but also  became the superior American law enforcement handgun being used for the next 70 years. It is still now remains in the best production and produced the S & W K frame line.

COLT 911A1 .45 ACP

It served as the standard U.S dagger through innumerable police operations and in 4 major wars, the first successful military semi-auto handgun. What makes it more popular until these days is that, there are some law enforcement personnel and other endless civilians are still carrying it. It is the pillar for most competition shooters and the most customized handguns ever.


It was called the “fun guns” and became one of the famous on its generation and still continue to be famous these days. Armed with .22 rim fire  or .22 magnum in shooting made it realistic to the woods or any practice range and it became helpful in teaching and training numerous of Americans armed bearers in their shooting skills.



It is the original Blackhawk distinct action revolver and can easily assimilate large amounts of the blasting .44 magnum with loads. It remains  the standard by which other big bores are scoped, and also became the favorite of handgun hunters and those countries have big bears.



A satisfactory kind of firearms adopted by the German military. It has an authentic design breakthrough which makes it features to lots of some profitable handguns, counting the military issue M-9 firearm. Because of its high quality features, it became the first successful DA/ SA operating action.


Some experts consider it as one of the best handgun, the last design made by John Browning, known as the P-35 High power. It was the first staggered magazine in high capacity handgun and it is still in production. Actually, there are some military agencies and LE in different countries are still using it now.


It is designed professionally with 9×19 and commonly used by the law enforcement all over the world is the Glock G17. Law enforcement officers around the globe are trusting it because it is incomparable dependability, it is not heavy and it reached the high level rounds of magazine’s capacity with the standard of 17 rounds. It is easy, safe and quick especially when you are in high- pressure situations.



It is known as “The Gun That Won The West” since it is the most favorite for the Texas Rangers. It is the kind of firearm designed to be placed on your shoulders when you fire it. The barrel of it is cut into the barrel walls and consists of patterns and helical grooves.