Gunvault MV500-STD Biometric Gun Safe Review: Easy on the Wallet

Gun Safe Summary: This gun safe is compact, but heavy duty and almost impossible to break into with hand tools. The MV500-STD has what Gunvault calls “No-Eyes Keypad” technology, which provides quick access, even if you are fumbling in the dark.

The audio feedback feature confirms correct keypad entries and can also be disabled. The safe is battery powered for security and easy portability. A tamper indicator notes invalid entry attempts and a built in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries.

As you can see from the above statistics, there are not many complaints about the Gunvault Microvault. Most of the complaints that you may see are about the buttons. Some people complain that the buttons feel “mushy” due to the soft rubber that they are made out of. Even though this is the case, few users complain about mistakes caused by the texture of the buttons. As with anything, practice makes perfect and will make it easier to open in an emergency situation.

Overall, the unit is simple to program and you can program simultaneous multi-button pushes and you can use any button multiple times. The website says that you can have over twelve million combinations for the Microvault. These features add to the overall security of the gun safe and makes it even more difficult to break into if you do not know the combination.

The battery lasts a long while; some users have reported that they have used batteries for the Microvault for over a year. When the battery starts to die, the LED light will indicate that the battery is low. Tube lock keys are also included with the device just in case the batteries die or if something odd occurs that you cannot get into the safe for one reason or another. That same LED light will also acknowledge button presses and bad combination attempts. These can also be accompanied by beeping and buzzing (which can be disabled). Too many bad combination attempts will cause the internal computer to disable button presses for several minutes.

Size and where it fits: The dimensions of this pistol gun safe are 11.5 x 8.5 x 3.5 inches and it weighs approximately 5 pounds. This is a small and compact safe, so you are able to fit it almost anywhere and you can move it wherever you need to. This unit is large enough for a Glock 17 and three 17-round magazines, so it’s safe to assume it would work well for similar sized handguns. Many users place the safe underneath their beds, but there are also a variety of users that use the safe for storage in their vehicles.

What it’s made of: The outside of the Gunvault Microvault is constructed of heavy-gauge steel with soft foam on the inside to protect the pistol. It also has a high-strength lock mechanism, which performs reliably time after time. Precise fittings are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools.

Why this Gun Safe is good: It is easy to program the code you want; easy to use, even in the dark. The actual safe is lightweight and it’s simple to open and close. It’s well constructed and the heavy duty material keeps out everyone that should not be in your safe. On top of that, the included security cable has a plastic sleeve over it & is fairly thin, but it is anchored nicely in the unit & would require one to have a heavy cable cutter to take the safe. This gun safe is a choice if you are only storing a pistol or another small gun that you use for self-defense. You can also consider using this safe to store small valuables. All in all, this is a heavy-duty, reliable pistol safe that will keep your handgun and other small valuable safe.

Conclusion: When you’re looking for a new gun safe, it’s important to do your research. Research is important, because you’re spending a significant amount of money to keep you, your family, and your valuables safe. Here at this site we are equipping you with all the first hand information that we have when it comes to buying a gun safe so you can make an educated choice.  Spend time looking at our reviews so you don’t end up unhappy with your choice and so you pick the right gun safe the first time.

Ed Hawkins is a long time recreational firearms owner, having owned many different firearms over his lifetime. While his trusty CZ 75B is his favorite, Ed also enjoys frequent trips to the range with his AR-15. Ed is part-owner and managing editor at ArmsBearingCitizen.