Have a Child? You Have a Responsibility to own a Gun Safe!

We all know how important it is to own a gun safe if you have children. Gun related fatalities are on the rise among children, especially in cases of accidental shootings. In fact, a recent report indicates that more kids actually die from accidental gunshot wounds than most people actually think.gun safe

If you have kids in your home at any time, and you own a firearm, you absolutely must own a gun safe. If you have the money, a heavy safe will really help you anchor down your belongings and help keep you safe in the event of a burglary. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, there are cheap models that at least lock up which will give you some type of protection in the event that your little ones decide to get out there and start exploring their surroundings.

If you are a parent, then think about if you’d want your own child to be running around someone else’s house that has a pistol simply stored underneath their beds? I know I would not want this for my kids and in fact I would feel extremely uncomfortable if my children were at another person’s house when a gun was lying around. Alot of the cheaper models these days are coming equipped with mounting hardware and holes open at the bottom of the safe so you can bolt the safe down to the bottom of the ground securely so they will not go anywhere, and this is almost as effective as purchasing a large 800 pound safe like I did when I bought my Liberty Fatboy Junior. The Mesa Gun safe is still one of my favorites for the value, but the reality is that any basic gun closet is better than nothing when it comes to securing your guns.

Our friends over at ProjectChildSafe.org were kind enough to allow us to use their infographic below to illustrate just what kind of impact that they’ve had by educating gun owners and working with organizations to help give out free gun locks or other materials to educate gun owners on the importance of proper gun safety. The stats below are pretty shocking, and we’d encourage you to stop by their site to take a look at the difference they are making to help Americans become more responsible gun owners.

You can check them out at www.projectchildsafe.org.