Liberty FatBoy Jr. LFJ48 Safe Review: Balanced Between Budget & Quality

Gun Safe Summary: So let me first start off by stating that I’m a little biased. This is my own personal gun safe that I actually own right now. Not to be confused with it’s big brother that holds 64 long guns, the Liberty Fatboy Jr. is an amazing safe. I shopped for months for the right gun safe for myself and my family. I did everything I possibly could to make sure I was making the right decision on capacity, weight, size, every metric you can think of. Unfortunately my hasty impulse took over and I ended up buying a gun safe that was NOT the Liberty Fat Boy Jr. I grabbed a Canon Safe from Costco because it was “there” and it was convenient to fit my needs because I could take it home the same day. I thought I was making a good purchase, until I got that safe home and realized that with my post tension slab in my house, there was no way I could anchor my safe down. As a result, I had a 300 pound safe that practically fell over on my carpet every time I went to open the safe. I tried shims, and loading tons of ammo toward the back of the safe to keep it stable so that it wouldn’t go anywhere if my kids came to tug on it. That didn’t last long as it seemed to wobble every time someone leaned on it or opened it. My biggest fear was coming home from work seeing the Canon safe laying on top of one of my kids.

After a lot of deliberation, my wife agreed to let me pony up the cash to buy a large safe that I would have room to grow in for years to come. The Liberty Fatboy Junior with an electronic lock was what fit the bill. It has plenty of space and Liberty will tell you it can hold 48 Long Rifles, but with today’s modern firearms, it’s probably more like 36 or so. That being said, I picked up a pocket organizer for it to hold our pistols and sensitive documents. That freed up even more space inside the safe and I couldn’t be happier.

How’s the Fire Rating? The fire rating is something important to consider. My first safe purchase did not have a fire rating, and the Liberty Fat Boy Jr. can hold steady at 80K BTU’s for 60 minutes at 1200 Degrees. That’s a stout fire rating. You may need something bigger to fit your needs, but if you aren’t looking to spend a hefty price tag, the fire rating on the Liberty was plenty good enough to fit my needs.

How Big is it and where does it fit? The Liberty Fatboy Junior fits in just about any standard door frame. Where I live, most of the newer houses have 27 inch frames, making this one of the best possible solutions. If you are sticking your safe in your basement, then the safe width might not mean anything. But for me, it fit through our bedroom closet door when pushed through at the depth level. Because of the 25 inch depth, it provides to be convenient sitting in my closet and doesn’t stick out too far or take up too much space. The safe is pretty heavy weighing in at over 700 pounds. I did put shims underneath it just as a precautionary measure, but it’s likely they wouldn’t be needed because the safe is so sturdy. Because of the weight, there is no way any intruder would be taking this safe with them unless they had several people and/or a furniture dolly to get it out of the closet area. Even though it’s not bolted down, it’s secure, and gives me a good piece of mind.

What’s it made of? The Liberty Fatboy Jr. is made of 11 gauge steel. It has a 1 inch door, and 9 locking bolts which provide extra security. My first safe had 3 bolts, and you don’t realize how much more secure the door feels when you have the extra bolt in protection. The 12 gauge steel is what brings this behemoth in at 705 pounds.

Why this Gun Safe is good? I think I’ve pretty much covered my reasons on why this safe is an option for you or any friends/family members that might be in the market. The size is a huge plus, but affordability is also key. I can’t imagine myself growing out of this safe and I wish I had purchased it the first time around. Had I listened to my inner voice telling me to go bigger my first safe purchase, I would have saved myself a TON of headache as a result of buying the wrong safe and having to figure out how to get it pulled back out of my house, dollied out and sold again just because I made a hasty decision.

Conclusion: Even if the Liberty Fatboy Jr. isn’t in your future, the best thing you can do is do your research. Here at our site we are equipping you with all the first hand information that we have when it comes to buying a gun safe so you can make an educated choice. Trust me, if are thinking of buying a safe that you feel you might have a chance to outgrow, you are already putting yourself at risk. Spend time looking at our reviews so you don’t end up unhappy because you made the wrong choice up front. It’s not terribly fun getting a large metal object into your home to realize that six months later it’s too small and you then need to get it back out. Take my advice and read our reviews to make the right decision for yourself.

Ed Hawkins is a long time recreational firearms owner, having owned many different firearms over his lifetime. While his trusty CZ 75B is his favorite, Ed also enjoys frequent trips to the range with his AR-15. Ed is part-owner and managing editor at ArmsBearingCitizen.