NcStar Tactical Red/Green Dot Sight Review: A Great Starter Optic

The NcStar Tactical Red/Green Dot Sight is a product of Truglo. It was built for marksmen as a sports feature to increase the accuracy of targeting in any shooting condition and is usually a starter companion for any AR-15 or AR-10. It’s a more budget friendly option than some more expensive options, like the EOTech brand.

Main Scope Features:

Truglo red-dot tru-brite open-dot has various features that make it a serious product. They include;

1. Adjustable rheostat for controlling brightness
This feature makes it ideal for use in any environment be it out in the sunlight and/or indoors. It enables the user to adjust the brightness according to the one that he/she sees as the most suitable. It is ideal for use in bright environments like strong sunlight and/or dimly lit conditions as well e.g. during a cloudy and/or a rainy day.
2. It has two choices of reticle color
These reticle colors are ideal for contrast against any background and target. It allows the user to have a clear view of the target. The user has the liberty of choosing between two choices of color which are green and/or red dot color.
3. It has an integrated weaver-style mounting system
This feature allows the product to rest easily on the rifle.
4. Water and shock resistant
This feature makes it ideal for use in any weather condition. It can be used even in rainy weather as it is water resistant. Its Shock resistance quality enables it to have a longer lifespan. As one shoots, the power emanating from the rifle is enormous hence it may cause some vibrations. This is where this feature comes in handy, it handles the vibration as well as the shock pretty well
Other features include; unlimited eye relief, anti-reflection coating on target side, three-volt CR2032 battery, clear windage and elevation adjustment, four reticle choices for accurate targeting in any shooting condition and finally it is parallax free from 30 yards

The Pros of truglo red-dot tru-brite open-dot:

There are many benefits associated with buying this product. They include;
1. Limited lifetime warranty
Truglo are offering a limited lifetime warranty for this product. However, it is important to note that this warranty applies only to manufacturing defects and not user-induced defects like breaking etc.
2. It is lightweight
It is relatively light, which enables the user to handle it with much ease. It does not add much weight to the rifle, an extra weight may sometimes prove hard to handle.
3. It provides a wide field of view
It is true to its praise, this product features a 24×34 mm wide window. This window gives a clear and a wide field of view for the user. It also ensures that the user doesn’t strain while focusing as well as allowing the user to rapidly acquire target.

Main Cons of the Truglo tru-brite:

1. Elevation and windage require an Allen wrench: As for any manufactured product, it does not lack its fair share of cons. One of the main problems with truglo red-dot tru-brite open-dot is the fact that the elevation and windage require an allen wrench. Many users do not like this, they prefer spending less time on the sight than on the rifle.

Our Wrap Up & Final Thoughts:

Truglo red-dot tru-brite open-dot is a good starter dot optic overall. Of course its lifespan depends on how the shooter handles it. However, for most individuals it has quite a long lifespan as long as you take care of the optic itself and aren’t too harsh on it while in your shooting conditions.

For more information about this solid starter dot scope, check out the video below.

Ed Hawkins is a long time recreational firearms owner, having owned many different firearms over his lifetime. While his trusty CZ 75B is his favorite, Ed also enjoys frequent trips to the range with his AR-15. Ed is part-owner and managing editor at ArmsBearingCitizen.