Rifle Scope Illumination – What You Need To Know

A scope is an essential part of any rifle system. Not only does it help increase accuracy, but it also helps increase effective shooting range. Nowadays, the scope industry has experienced a lot of technological advancement. One of these most important technological advancements is the illuminated rifle scope. If you want to know more about rifle scope illumination, then this is where you need to be as the article will cover a few important things about the subject.

Scope Illumination DifferencesAt the core, the idea of rifle scope illumination is all about using a source of light within the scope’s construction with the purpose of increasing targeting accuracy. Usually, these kinds of scopes are battery powered. The light specifically illuminates the cross hair or reticle as a means to increase targeting ability of the shooter. Keep in mind that the technology does not illuminate the target itself. It’s the reticle that is lit up so the target stand out better in comparison to its surroundings. This technology is helpful, especially in low-light visibility conditions.

Red is the most used color when it comes to rifle scope illumination as it is the color that cause the least disruption to the night vision of the shooter. Since there are different ways of powering illuminated rifle scope, it’s good that you factor the useful life of the scope’s power source. Most manufacturers guarantee that batteries for their illuminated rifle scopes last for more than 10 years.

These days, there are usually three ways of powering an illuminated rifle scope. First is the use of battery-powered lightbulb. Second is through the use of isotopes, such as tritium. The third is using fiber optic technology. It is important that the illumination of the rifle scope is adjustable as it too bright reticle can hinder the shooters targeting ability are night vision.

Rifle scope illumination is a technology that illuminates the reticle as a means of increasing the shooter’s targeting ability. For people who are serious about their rifle shooting, then incorporating an illuminated rifle scope is highly advised, especially if the shooter is constantly exposed in a low light environment.  Different types of illumination can be used in different circumstances, and different optics will use different technology depending on the type of sight it is.  Red Dot Scopes for example will be different than Variable scopes in most circumstances.  Hopefully we’ve provided you with some basic information and you are better equipped to do the research you need around what type of illumination is good for your application.