Securing Your Guns: How to Select the Best Gun Safe

Having a gun at home entails the responsibility of knowing how to properly keep it safe and secure at all times. This is non-negotiable especially if you have kids at home. The best step that you can take to prevent the kids from laying their hands on your gun would be to find a safe place where you can store it. This will improve the safety of your family, not to mention, of course the security.

When you start searching for the best gun safe you will end up with a lot of options. If this is your first time shopping for one, you will find yourself at a complete loss, as you probably won’t have any idea as far as choosing the best one is concerned. You might think that there should be nothing much to think about, as a safe is just a thin metal box that you store at home, keeping all your valuables, including your gun. Well, for someone who does not have enough knowledge, yes, it may appear as only a thin metal box. But once you get to know more about safes and how to select the best one, you will realize that there should also be several factors that you need to consider first to make sure that you will have what you need.

How to Select the Best Gun Safe

Size matters

One of the common mistakes that safe buyers often commit is to get a safe that is too small for what they need or intend to use it for. This is the same thing for gun safes. First-time buyers would only usually consider the number of guns or firearms that they have presently, not thinking of future purchases that they may make. Thus, the safe ends to be too small for their preference. This will lead to having to buy another safe that is bigger and with larger capacity. That said, you need to think about how large you want your gun safe to be. Count how many guns you have and if you plan on buying more, make sure that they would all be accommodated by your safe.

Type of lock

Gun safes also come in various lock types so you need to determine which one would be more convenient, safer and easier to use for you. Manual locks are often viewed negatively since it might take a longer time for it to be opened, and this is not helpful at all if there is an intruder at your house. This is the reason why most safe owners would prefer electronic locks over the manual one.

Nowadays there are also safes that can be locked and unlocked using finger print scanners for faster access.

Thickness of the steel

The thicker the steel, the tougher your safe is, generally. Make sure to pay attention to the steel used for the safe’s frame and door, and not just the general assembly.

Fire protection

Fire incidents should also be considered, as it is something that you cannot predict or escape from when it is already happening. You will need a gun safe that should be able to withstand temperatures over a specific period of time. Fire ratings suggest that if your safe should be able to hold for up to an hour or longer at 1,300 degrees, that means you have a real solid gun safe.

Safe standards

Certain standards are set for a gun safe to be legally sold or marketed in the US. One of these would be the standard set by the Underwriter’s Laboratory. This is called the UL Residential Security Container Standards. Another one would be the California Department of Justice that implements regulatory gun safe standards for people to follow and adhere to.

Where to Place your Gun Safe

Gun safes also come in different forms depending on where you want to place them. Most safes are free-standing which are often too obvious and conceived as safes at first glance, while others prefer to place their safes into the floor or walls.

Whatever type of safe you plan to purchase, it is best to consider the location where you will be hiding or placing it. Most safes can now be bolted to the floor or walls for added security. This means that it will be tougher for someone to walk away with your safe and everything stored inside.

Other Considerations

As you go about choosing the best gun safe, you will also need to consider other factors such as your budget. Of course, the bigger and better the safe is, the higher the price will also be. But if you think about it, it should be a wiser investment to purchase something that you know you can use for a longer period of time, while also knowing that your guns will be safe for always.