So Just What is a Variable Tactical Rifle Scope?

In today’s times, firearm enthusiasts use some type of optical sighting equipment such as a variable tactical scope to achieve a high level of accuracy when firing rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

Aiming a shot through a variable tactical scope eliminates the complexities involved in lining up metal sights that require the individual to line up a rear sight with a front sight at the end of the rifle barrel.

On the other hand, when using a variable tactical scope, a shooter must simply line up their target in the cross hairs of the scope, making it much easier to learn how to shoot and eliminating the frustration that people with poor vision experience when lining up rear and front sights.

What is a Variable Tactical Scope?

A Variable Tactical Scope Consists of the Following:

  • Eyepiece
  • Ocular lens
  • Power ring
  • Elevation adjustment
  • Wind adjustment
  • Objective bell and lens


Variable Tactical Scopes also magnify the target. This feature enables individuals to adjust the focus of the eyepiece to match their particular vision, enabling them to view a crisp and clear sight picture of their target.

The Numbers:

With a 3-9X40 Variable Tactical Scope, the 3-9 means that makes images appear three to nine times larger than they do with the naked eye, while the 40 represents the objective lens size in millimeters.

The reason that the scopes are referred to as “variable” is because the magnification can vary from three to nine. This particular scope would be described as a “three to nine by forty” in most circles. Several Variable Tactical Scopes have a magnification of up to eight times or more, while a 2 times magnification is popular for handguns. The word “tactical” when used for describing scopes is derived from the military; an it is used when describing more militaristic and law enforcement firearms and firearms accessories.

Elevation adjustment:

Today’s Variable Tactical Scope also allow for elevation and wind adjustments as well. These features help shooters hit their mark in even the toughest of conditions.

Variable Tactical Scopes are ideal for practiced hunters, and they make learning to shoot a firearm fun, simple, and easy.

If you still want additional details, below is a great video that gives you a complete breakdown on what the differences are between a variable and fixed scope.