Stack-On FS-36-MG-C 36-Review: Value in a Smaller Safe

Gun Safe Summary: If you are looking for a smaller safe that does not skimp on the safety features, then this may be the safe for you. The Stack-On FS-36-MG-C-36 Gun Fire Resistant Safe does just what it says; it is fire resistant, and a little bit smaller than other safes you may see in this category, allowing you a smaller option if a larger gun safe doesn’t fit you or your collection. This gun safe has the same fire safety features that larger models have, all in a smaller, easier to deal with package. The safe is given five out of five stars online, and is one of their popular models, so it is appreciated in the gun community for what it is and is used by those who don’t need the big gun safes that can hold upwards of fifty guns, but want the same protection and safety features that are installed in those models.

Size and where it fits: The Stack-On FS-36-MG-C 36-Gun Fire Resistant Safe  has dimensions of fifty five inches in height, thirty-five inches tall, and twenty six inches in diameter. It weights five hundred and thirty pounds, and can hold thirty six guns inside it. The safe is smaller than other gun safes, with a smaller capacity, so if your collection is smaller than others’ and you don’t think you need as big of a safe as others’ have, then this may be the safe for you. It’s smaller, weighs less, and can fit in more places that larger safe’s can’t. For where to put the safe, it should be put where all other safes are put—in a cool, dry place in order to protect the guns inside, in a place where fires or floods would probably not occur, and out of sight of thieves as well. A basement is recommended, because there the safe will be out of sight, but also easily reachable for you. It is good to keep the safe away from the eyes of children, as they may see you punch in the code and want to try it for themselves.

What it’s made of: This safe stands out with hits hunter green epoxy paint finish and gold accents, but it’s interior is no less sturdy and strong than other gun safes on the market. It is made with a three number combination lock and a drill resistant hardened steel plate behind the lock with added extra security. The safety features have been tested by the California Department of Justice Firearms and the safety device on the safe’s locking mechanism meets the requirements of the California Penal Code Section 120888 and the regulations tested afterward. It was also tested and verified fire resistant for thirty minutes up to 1400 degrees by an ETL independent lab. The door stripping also expands in fire and high temperatures, allowing it to seal the safe’s contents from harm during a fire and keep them protected afterwards. The expansion also keeps the door from any unwanted tampering after a fire as well. The safe also has reinforced steel doors that are filled with fire retardant material, creating a protective fire wall. There are two way locking one inch steel live action locking bolts and up to five locking points. The Stack-On molded barrel rests have also been tested and proven that they won’t give out over time, allowing you to store your guns safely for years to come. The safe also comes with a limited five year guarantee and a limited five year warranty, allowing you to have your safe protected in the rare, unlikely event that it fails.

Why this Gun Safe is good: One of the main reasons this gun safe is good is simply because it is a smaller, more compact option as opposed to the larger gun safes that can hold upwards of fifty guns or such. If your collection is smaller and is not anticipated to go over thirty six guns, then this safe is a smaller, cheaper, and more compact option for you. Of course the safe is still large and weighs over five hundred pounds, but it’s a far cry from other models that weigh near a thousand pounds. This safe is slightly easier to work with, but comes with fire safety measures like other models, and the same anti-theft devices found on the more expensive models as well. So the lower price is just lower due to size, not due to a reduction and safety features. The company knows this, and markets their product as such, adding on a limited lifetime or limited five-year warranty to your purchase, if you want to test and see if their safety features do work. In addition to the safety features, the safe comes with a combination lock, if you are more old fashioned and prefer combination locks to mechanical or electric locks. The interior of the safe is fully carpeted and Can hold quite a few guns in its small space. While its green color may not be appreciated it at all, it’s a good trade off for saving near a thousand dollars as opposed to larger models of safe that come in any color you can think of. So if you are one of those people that wants to save money, even a little bit here and there, this may be the right safe for you. Definitely keep looking around to find the one that fits your lifestyle, but this safe is good for those who want safety, but also want a cheaper price and don’t need the safe to be any larger than about thirty-six gun capacity. Depending upon where you buy the gun safe as well, you may get shipping deals, such as on the internet, where orders over a certain amount get free shipping, or if you are an Amazon Prime member, which allows you free shipping all the time. Shipping for this particular gun safe could be almost the same price as the safe, so it’s something to think about.

Call to Action: It doesn’t matter if you decide that the Stack-On FS-36-MG-C 36-Gun Fire Resistant Safe isn’t the right model and make for you, you can still check out their other models. Make sure to check each model’s fire safety and anti-theft features before you buy, as you want to see what is most important on your checklist. Before you buy a gun safe, you should shop around and make sure you get the right one for you, as it is a big investment and you have to know you are happy. Look around at our other gun safe reviews and see if you fall in love with any of the other safes before committing yourself to one. Read all the reviews, list out your pros and cons, and go over the cost versus what you will get out of it, before you find the right one for you. A gun safe is a big, expensive commitment, so you should definitely think long and hard and look over all the models you find before making the right decision for your home and your gun collection.

Ed Hawkins is a long time recreational firearms owner, having owned many different firearms over his lifetime. While his trusty CZ 75B is his favorite, Ed also enjoys frequent trips to the range with his AR-15. Ed is part-owner and managing editor at ArmsBearingCitizen.

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