Tapco Intrafuse Vertical Grip Review

Tapco Grip

The grip of a rifle is an important element, serving as the weapon’s epicenter for balance, control and comfort when firing. The Tapco Intrafuse Vertical Grip combines elements of  comfort with unparalleled stability to serve as one of the best Ruger 10/22 rifle grips on the market. This grip is sure to boost the control a shooter has over his or her favorite rifle.

Why Tapco Grip Engineering? 

The Tapco Intrafuse Vertical Grip boasts a construction of the highest strength composite material. The grip’s sides are flat in order to facilitate additions like tactical light tape.  The grip is designed to simulate the lightweight qualities of a tactical weapon, making it feel and appear more modern and agile. According to shooters, Tapco has “hit the mark” in both appearance and “feel”. Apparently, the grip lightens the entire weapon (or seems to), and in some cases, the grip is lighter than already existing rifle grips. Weighing in at a mere 4.8 ounces, there is no question of its nimbleness.

Though it is not compact and does not fold, the length of this grip adds to its stability. Being longer than some others, the Tapco Intrafuse Vertical Grip promotes a slip-free shot, adding control and stability.

It’s a grip. Who cares?  You do – and here’s why. 

Though merely a small grip, it contains a large storage compartment, fit with a sturdy compartment plug and two rubber washers meant to serve a similar purpose. This compartment sports a handy waterproof coating.   Specifically, the grip will hold a number of different types of batteries, including 2 CR123A batteries, 1 AR bolt, and others. The two rubber washer plugs included ensuring the security of your stored items.  The Tapco Intrafuse Vertical Grip can be installed to any of the best 22 rifle models, as long as the stock has a pic rail. All Picatinny rails should hold this grip.

 What about the install?

 I mean it’s a grip.  If you can’t figure this one out, I’m not sure you should be shooting in the first place.

Tapco understands that the grip of a weapon is meant to be an epicenter for balance, stability and control. With the Intrafuse Vertical Grip, Tapco has mastered the elements that bring this description to life. Easy to install, lightweight, and dynamically engineered to increase a weapon’s tactical potential, this grip will help stabilize any of the best 22 rifles in the market today.