What’s the Difference Between Capped and Adjustable Turrets?

The turrets on the scope of a rifle are important because they are used to make adjustments that enable users to zero the scope. The choice of capped vs. adjustable scope turrets might have already been decided by the manufacturer of the scope, if not, the turret you opt for is determined by the intended application for your rifle.

Hunting rifles usually have capped turrets since they should not be unintentionally adjusted on the fly. Tactical rifles normally have the adjustable turrets because of the constant need to make turret adjustments on the go. For a hunter, capped turrets are the appropriate, these have adjustments on which caps have been threaded. Adjustments can be done with a screwdriver, the big idea is to set the turret and forget about it. It is this feature that makes capped turrets more resistant to being accidentally rotated or being knocked over.

Adjustable turrets are useful if the scope is to be used on a precision rifle. Individuals with precision rifles should opt for the adjustable turret because it gives them the ability to adjust windage and elevation changes on the fly. Having this ability gives the rifle user the tools to solve their ballistic problems fast. Capped turrets allow users to make adjustments on the scope only when the turret has been removed. Once the settings have been zeroed, no further changes can be made without removing the cap.

The advantage of having a capped turret is that it has a lower profile and has a smoother outline with minimal protrusions. Some people love the lower profile of the capped turret and can tug along the cap with them in case they have to use them later on. It is important to note that in some instances, capped turrets may not have a zero stop.  Capped turrets are also helpful for hunting rifles as it helps protect the turrets from getting any type of dirt and debris in the actual turrets themselves that would impede functionality.

Overall, you may get stuck with one or the other depending on the manufacturer, but it’s good to know the difference between the two, and what to expect when you bolt up your next sight to your rifle.  Below you can check out a couple examples of each.

Capped Turret ExampleAdjustable Turret Example
Capped Turrets Adjustable Turret Scope