Winchester Big Daddy 54 Long Gun Safe Review: Large, Heavy & Solid

Gun Safe Summary: The Winchester Safe’s Big Daddy 7-M gun safe has pulled out all the stops making a safe large enough to accommodate the big gun collections, and also has some of the safety features available to make sure that your collection remains safe and firmly in your possession. This sleek safe comes in a black exterior with grey upholstered interior, and in comparison to some of the other large safes, is slightly cheaper. The racks inside the safe are not roll out, like some safes, but the door has built in pockets to hold up to eight pistols, and six larger guns, depending on gun size. These pockets make the safe unique, while also leaving room on the interior of the safe for your larger guns. It also comes with some of the fire protection features you can pay for, and lots of additional anti-theft features that make it a formidable challenge to any want to-be thief.

Size and where it fits: It has the exterior dimensions of sixty inches in height, forty two inches wide and twenty eight inches in diameter, and the interior dimensions of fifty six inches in height, thirty eight dimensions in width, and sixteen inches in diameter. It weighs near a thousand pounds, meaning once you place it in a room, it is going to stay there. It is recommended that you place it in a cool, dry place, to keep the guns inside safe, and also preferably a basement or somewhere out of the way and out of sight where it’s away from people who might see it and be tempted to steal. Also, it is recommended that you keep the safe away from where children would play, as they may see you punch in the code and be tempted to copy you.

What it’s made of: The Winchester Big Daddy 7-M Gun Safe comes with a 54 gun capacity, that is more than enough for any gun enthusiast to fit their whole collection in. It comes with a three spoke vault handle, 14 1.5 inch solid steel locking bolts for safety and protection, and a four way locking bolt system that makes it difficult to pry open. The door is made with a mechanical lock, and a door panel organizer for storing those smaller guns, and the interior comes with 36.5 cubic feet of interior storage space. The safe also comes with fire protection, as it can last seventy-five minutes at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The door itself is made with five layers of fireboard built right into the door, and three layers of fireboard into the body. The door is a Palusol heat expandable door seal as well, and an upgraded composite door construction. The external door hinge allows full fireboard protection, as well as an 180 degree door swing. This can keep guns safe for an long time in the event of a fire, but also can keep the safe locked and theft proof in the event of a fire, as many cheaper, smaller safes can be easier to crack after a fire has damaged them. The theft protection features are nothing to scoff at, either—the UL is listed for burglary protection-RSC, the UL listed lock standard, 12 Ga. steel body construction, Drill resistance hard steel return door jam, and a Chamberlain disk to protect the lock. While the specific model reviewed here comes with a mechanical lock, you can also buy an identical safe to this one with an electronic lock, depending on your personal preference and safety belief in one or the other. The model with the electronic is more expensive, however, if that factors any thought in your decision.

Why this Gun Safe is good: The price and the additional safety features. While this safe does not hold quite as much as some other large safes on the market, if you want to put all your money down for safety features, then this is the gun safe for you. the Winchester Big Daddy has newer anti-theft safety features like their other models, and as a door fitted with fourteen separate bolts, making cracking it near impossible for any would-be thief. In addition to all the features, this safe has some of the fire protection that money can buy these days, a guaranteed seventy five minutes up to 1400 degrees, and features that will keep the door from buckling in under all that heat and pressure. If you live in an area prone to brush or wildfires, then it is good to invest in a safe that you know will keep your collection safe in the horrific event of a fire breaking out. If fire is your first fear in regards to your gun collection, then you should look no further in your gun safe search. If fire isn’t at the top of your list to potential threats to your collection, then the safety features such as all the bolts on the door and the anti-drill and anti-crowbar protection on the door and safe should sway you if safety is at the top of your list. You pay for protection and you are going to get protection with this brand. And you can get all this protection for a fraction of the cost of other safes on the market. It’s a win-win situation for anyone trying to get the best safe possible. Depending on where you order the safe from, you may also get free shipping due to the cost of the safe. Most companies do not ship anywhere but the lower forty eight United States, however, so you need to make sure you can get the safe to you without paying half the amount of the safe itself for shipping. Places like Amazon sometimes have shipping deals that allow you to get shipping free if you sign up for certain things, so its worth checking out if shipping is expensive for where you live.

Conclusion: Even if you decide that the Winchester Big Daddy isn’t the right model and make for you, you can still check out their other models. Make sure to check each model’s fire safety and anti-theft features before you buy, as you want to see what is important on your checklist. Before you buy a gun safe, you should shop around and make sure you get the right one for you, as it is a big investment and you have to know you are happy. Look around at the other gun safe information and see if you fall in love with any of the other safes before committing yourself to one. Read all the reviews, list out your pros and cons, and go over the cost versus what you will get out of it, before you find the right one for you. A gun safe is a big, expensive commitment, so you should think long and hard and look over all the models you find before making the right decision for your home and your gun collection.

Ed Hawkins is a long time recreational firearms owner, having owned many different firearms over his lifetime. While his trusty CZ 75B is his favorite, Ed also enjoys frequent trips to the range with his AR-15. Ed is part-owner and managing editor at ArmsBearingCitizen.