Winchester Ranger Deluxe 30 Long Gun Safe Review: Big & Budget Friendly

Average Gun Safe Rating online it even had some small complaints about the safe but still considered it such an entry model that they gave it high ratings. The complaints were minor, such as it will fit 30 guns with equipped scopes. Most people like the safe and are pretty pleased with the construction.

Gun Safe Summary: The Winchester Ranger Deluxe (View on is a solid and secure entry level gun safe. It is not the cheapest of the entry level options, but has many features that make it a wise choice. The emphasis of this unit is protection against fire and burglary. Heavily incorporated into the gun safe are 4 bolt locking systems, a recessed door to increase pry resistance, UL listed burglary protection RSC and lock standards, plus an additional Chamberlain lock protection disk. It comes with an electronic lock but also incorporates an auxiliary relocking system. The hinges are reinforced and it has one of the highest rated drill resistant surfaces in its class. For fire proofing, the rating is listed as one hour at 1400 degrees, but one customer makes mention that the actual rating is only 45 minutes. There are three layers of fire protection incorporated in the door construction and the walls of the Winchester Ranger Deluxe each have two layers.

Size and where it fits: The empty weight range of the Winchester Ranger Deluxe comes in at 745 pounds. This means that it is suited for reinforced floorings, such as concrete basements, garages or any floor that has a reinforced system below. It is not so heavy as to not be doable for a second floor, but being aware of the location of the support joists is advisable to handle the increased load of guns and ammunition. Finding a place to put it and maneuvering it through doorways is easier than some units as it is an even 5 feet in height, has a depth of 16-inches and a width of 32-inches. The shallow depth of the gun safe make it easy to place using a standard hand truck and it can fit through a standard man door. On a hand truck it will have an easy turning radius for most hallways. One caution, when moving it into place is to load it door in to the back of the hand truck as the weight of the empty space will prevent you from rocking it into place in a tight area. Its shallow depth also makes it a match for many bookcases and file cabinets so it can be kept out against a wall without protruding into the open floor space enough to be an obstacle.

What it’s made of: The Winchester Ranger Deluxe is made from 12 gauge steel with a dark grey exterior and an automotive gray cloth interior. All the bolts are 1.25-inches thick and chrome plated to be corrosion resistant. The hinges have an additional tamper resistant plate welded with a continuous seam to the body. The structure of the gun safe is lined with fire resistant board and the exterior has a drill resistant treatment of 60-61rc.

Why this Gun Safe is good: While there are cheaper, and slightly larger, gun safes in the entry level range what I like about the Winchester Ranger Deluxe is the way the interior accommodates an entry level gun owner’s needs. While one on the internet reviewer noted that it can’t store 30 guns with scopes, most entry levels don’t have 30 guns with scopes but a more diverse range of investments. What is not mentioned as often as it should be about this model is its inclusion of door pockets. This is a design inclusion that allows for storing ammunition and small items like cleaning kits and replacement pins on the back of the door so you don’t take up valuable interior real estate. The cost to the interior cubic feet of storage is minimal, it measure less than 1 cubic foot smaller than comparable gun safes that do not include the door pockets.

Conclusion: The Winchester Ranger Deluxe represents the high end of the entry level gun safe market. One of the best ways to decide which safe is right for your needs and budget is to carefully consider unbiased reviews of each. Here at our site, you can compare reviews of similar gun safes and gain enough accurate information to make an informed decision. As long as you know what your needs are, what you expect from a gun safe, and how you need a gun safe to be able to grow with your collection.

Ed Hawkins is a long time recreational firearms owner, having owned many different firearms over his lifetime. While his trusty CZ 75B is his favorite, Ed also enjoys frequent trips to the range with his AR-15. Ed is part-owner and managing editor at ArmsBearingCitizen.